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Today’s home appliances are no longer judged solely on their functionality, design also plays an ever larger role in the consumer’s purchasing decision. If your vision includes developing unique home appliance products, then come and talk to us. Because with innovations in the area of design, we will set new  standards together in the market. Based on customer requirements, your ideas and our expertise – we shape the future together.

Our latest innovations:
  • SCHOTT Duo Design
  • SCHOTT Metal Look and other metallic effects
  • SCHOTT See Clear
  • Lighting solutions
This picture shows a control knob on flat glass panel of a gas cooker, the glass is fully printed with SCHOTT Metal look – a look of glass like brushed steel. Symbols in black around the knob explain the function of the knob.
The pictures shows the left corners of two glass panels placed one above the other. Both have a printed frame in a matt. Directly next to it is print in shiny black.
Interior living spaces are opening up. The areas of living and cooking are melting into a single space, with the kitchen increasingly becoming a central communication area. It is important to be able to see what is being cooked and how. The same is true for cooking together. In this trendy environment, an oven or a refrigerator is much more than a functional appliance and becomes a key element of a modern lifestyle.

Even more important is finding a distinctive design language, which meets the needs of the individual, yet also gives an appliance a clear differentiation. When you partner with SCHOTT, you have a wide variety of processing options to choose from for creating unique looks: Colors, surface effects, 3D effects, haptic experience as well as features for lighting. We never stop working on optimizing and expanding our possibilities for you. Contact us for glass options beyond today’s possibilities.
These are two glass panels equipped with the SCHOTT Duo Design: a printing technology allowing the print of ceramic colors on both sides of a glass.

SCHOTT® Duo Design

Durable printing on both sides of a glass panel sounds simple but it isn’t. A new color technology masters this challenge and allows ceramic print on both rear and front of a glass. New color- and haptic effects open up new dimensions for the design of flat glass and for highlighting logos on a front.
This picture shows the corner of a glass panel printed with SCHOTT Metal Look, which provide a flat glass the look of brushed steel.

SCHOTT® Metal Look

As stylish as metal, as carefree as glass: SCHOTT MetalLook brings trendy surfaces into homes and kitchens. This glass combines the virtues of glass with the precious look of stainless steel. Easy cleaning included. You want to get more information?

Typical applications

This picture shows the O of the logo SCHOTT in a 3D glass model placed on a light blue area.

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