Small Appliances for the Kitchen

Customized, intuitive, and with matching Design

Electrical helpers simplify food and drink preparation. Many of these devices are nowadays part of modern kitchens. 
Glass panels set visual accents and make devices easier to operate. The front panel of a microwave allows a view to the inside. Control panels of automatic coffee machines benefit from glass, because it is very durable and touch controls work highly reliable behind glass.  The large selection of print colors for glass and different technologies for displaying illuminated symbols, provide endless opportunities for customization. SCHOTT gives your product line a perfectly matched appearance across all the different appliances like built-in appliances, for instance.
Moreover, there are good functional reasons for glass. The smooth surface is easy to clean and scratch resistant. We print circuits for electronic components directly onto the glass, making control elements long-term stable and protecting them from mechanical wear.
This picture is a composing showing a silver kitchen cupboard on the left-hand side, a woman sitting on a couch in the middle and a silver oven on the right-hand side. It visualizes the topic “Typical Applications for SCHOTT Flat Glass”.

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