For a Stylish Bathroom

Unlimited innovation for the bathroom! Stylish, decorative, hygienic and functional qualities sum up the benefits of SCHOTT flat glass for this space. The aesthetics of glass and the exceptional versatility with regard to processing options ensure exclusive and endless design possibilities.

Whether it is towel warmers, electric wall heating units, toilet modules or shower panels and heads, we can offer innovation through glass. Whatever product you are developing, glass components can help ensure quality and a superior look. This includes modern “Shy Tech” applications to hide control elements. And we can design the glass so that infrared sensors can recognize hand motion, and then activate the control elements.

What we offer for the bathroom:
  • Jet discs for the shower head
  • Control panel for toilet flushing
  • Panels for toilets or sink modules
  • Control devices for shower panels
  • Heating circuits on glass for towel warmers
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