Refrigerating with an Aesthetic Glass Design

A refrigerator keeps food fresh and beverages cold. But it can also be a real eye-catcher in your kitchen. For refrigerators, we can provide you with glass shelves in a wide range of designs as well as decorative front panels. Your requirements define the possibilities: We love finding solutions for challenging requests.

In order for shelves to store food as desired, we can assemble supplementary components to the glass on request, such as frames and trims, and, even the integration of LED light strips is possible. Of course, we also offer customized printing on glass.

For doors, we offer glass front panels in a wide range of sizes including large formats for side-by-side refrigerators. Uniform printing is a special challenge for multi-door refrigerators that we can master with our expertise. Other options include glueing of components, the integration of control elements and lighting as well as precise cut-outs for water dispensers or handles.
This picture is a composing showing a silver kitchen cupboard on the left-hand side, a woman sitting on a couch in the middle and a silver oven on the right-hand side. It visualizes the topic “Typical Applications for SCHOTT Flat Glass”.

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