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Flat glass can be found where you least expect to see it! Our safety glass is highly resistant and is therefore well suited for innovative heating systems. Not only does it help to visualize the technology inside, but it also gives your heating system an elegant touch for the installation even in the kitchen or the bathroom.

When it comes to water heaters and heating systems, we make your design concept a reality with our glass solutions. Displays and touch switches can be easily applied behind a design front made of glass, with printed symbols making the switches on the glass clearly visible. With printed heating circuits the glass convinces with functionality, allowing flexibility in the design of wall heating systems, bath towel heaters or free-standing room heaters.
This picture is a composing showing a silver kitchen cupboard on the left-hand side, a woman sitting on a couch in the middle and a silver oven on the right-hand side. It visualizes the topic “Typical Applications for SCHOTT Flat Glass”.

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