Baking Ovens

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Oven glass is the story of nearly unlimited options. Because glass performs important functions: It gives an appliance its unique look, in many cases, it defines the visual appearance of an entire appliance family – and it is crucial for the user concept as well as the function of an oven door: controlling the temperature, achieving a view inside the cavity and ensuring safety.

How you benefit: SCHOTT delivers all glasses for baking ovens. No matter whether outer or inner door panels or control panels, we produce them customized according to your requirements. Our experience makes it easy for you to establish a distinctive look and a unique user concept for your products. The durability and safety of the material along with the perfect integration of interfaces for functional buttons or displays ensure the highest quality possible.

When the look of an oven needs to match other home appliances, color accuracy must be part of the equation. These are challenges we love taking on and deliver glasses with a matching design for entire lines.
This picture is a composing showing a silver kitchen cupboard on the left-hand side, a woman sitting on a couch in the middle and a silver oven on the right-hand side. It visualizes the topic “Typical Applications for SCHOTT Flat Glass”.

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