SCHOTT Termofrost® Smart Look
Top-selling Presentation through full Visibility

SCHOTT Termofrost Smart Look transforms a refrigerated multideck cabinet into a display case that attracts the buyer’s eyes. This cutting-edge (or pioneering) door system is fully transparent, no frame no mullion prevents a clear view to the merchandise presentation. Chilled food and beverages are perfectly visible when a cabinet is closed with double glazed doors, by using a transparent spacer for the insulating glass.

Cabinets equipped with these "invisible" doors enable an easy selection for the customer at the point of sale and a fantastic view without disturbing optical distortion. 

The best:

  • This door system is ready for retrofitting; it can be used in all readily available cabinets.

Take advantage of the benefits:

  • Fresh and clean look through perfect visibility
  • Quick orientation at the point of sale
  • Fully transparency for an appealing shop design
  • Significant contribution to sustainability (compared to open cabinets)
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