SCHOTT Termofrost® AGD 3
All-Glass Door System

SCHOTT Termofrost® All-Glass Door system designed for the presentation of dairy products, fresh meat or beverages in refrigerated cabinets. This system offers visibility similar to open cabinets, which facilitates the search for goods inside the cabinet. Slim profiles increase the display area and maximize the visibility of the products. This system is suitable for new refrigerated cabinets and retrofit projects.

Three options enhance the system:

  • Frameless door design for maximum visibility: SCHOTT Termofrost T.AGD 3
  • Anti-reflective glass: SCHOTT Conturan®
  • Lighting: Fluorescent T5 Tubes or LED


New Transparent Design

Due to their clear and transparent vertical edges, SCHOTT Termofrost T.AGD 3 doors provide 100% transparency. No matter where a product is presented on the shelf, it is fully visible, even behind the vertical edge of a door.

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