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17.10.2019, Mainz, Germany

SCHOTT at EuroShop 2020: better orientation and visibility

Integrated displays and lighting elements, uniform design for chilled and frozen food sections
SCHOTT will be showcasing the innovative design concepts of its Termofrost glass door systems for chiller cabinets at EuroShop 2020 from 16 to 20 February 2020 in Dusseldorf, at stand C60 in Hall 17. The glass doors feature light elements and display screens providing digital information for better orientation at the Point of Sale (PoS). SCHOTT will also present another innovation: doors with fully glazed fronts give the entire chilled and freezer section a uniform and harmonious look, thus accentuating the products presented.

A recent Nielsen study has shown that consumers here and abroad are spending more money on food, and for meat and fish especially, they choose premium products.[1] The convenience market especially is booming: in Germany, an annual increase of two percent is anticipated by 2023,[2] whereas globally the market is set to grow by 20 percent by 2023 compared to 2018.[3] Accordingly, the chilled and frozen food sections in supermarkets are also growing. Chiller cabinets extending 30 m and more along aisles are no longer a rarity in large supermarkets. The challenge is that the consumer wants to easily find their food and expects clear navigation within this supermarket section to save them a long search for the goods they are looking for.

“Groceries and supermarkets are using more elements to guide their customers, making shopping a stress-free experience or even a fun one”, says Dietmar Nilles, Sales Director for Food Display in Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Netherlands at SCHOTT. “Shoppers who feel comfortable in the supermarket and have an enjoyable experience will come back - this creates customer loyalty. SCHOTT has therefore developed new ideas to improve orientation and navigation in the chiller section and therefore create a positive shopping experience”.

Digital displays and light elements improve orientation and navigation
SCHOTT will be showcasing new concepts for the first time at EuroShop 2020, demonstrating options for better orientation and navigation. SCHOTT is exploring new design concepts of the SCHOTT Termofrost Skyline and SCHOTT Termofrost Smart Access series which feature digital displays integrated into the head section. The display screens can be used flexibly, such as for optimised navigation in the chiller section, for additional product information, promotional campaigns and for banner advertising to introduce new products. The glazed door fronts with integrated monitors offer the customer a digital experience directly at the PoS.

SCHOTT will also be presenting glass doors with integrated light strips on the top end of a door for the first time at EuroShop. Colour and brightness can be customised, either with ambient lighting or alternating colours. The colouring can, for example, allow product categories to be marked and as such once again improve orientation within the store.

Uniform design for the chilled and frozen food section
Another highlight at the fair will be glass doors from the SCHOTT Termofrost Skyline series that cover the entire front and head section of the chiller cabinet. This door system can be used for the chiller section as well as the freezer section, giving a uniform look to both product category sections for the first time. This creates a harmonious front design for chiller and freezer cabinets, which gives the retail space a visually quieter and more spacious feel. When goods are better presented, customers feel more comfortable and tend to spend more time in the supermarket - a major advantage since 70 percent of purchase decisions are first made at the PoS.[4] Different colours, including custom colours, can give the right emphasis for better orientation and also a possibility to differentiate from competition.

“Food retail is investing in more visible, clearly marked and attractive ways of presenting goods in the chiller aisles. SCHOTT Termofrost recognised this trend early on and has systematically improved its product lines with regard to visibility and transparency in the last few years,” explains Dietmar Nilles. "Therefore, SCHOTT Termofrost introduced three new glass door series that ensure a clearly visible presentation of fresh and frozen goods at the PoS and with Smart Access, they even increase convenience with contactless door opening and closing.”

Presenting innovations to trade specialists
The Termofrost systems including all innovations will be exhibited in full at EuroShop with two five-metre long chiller fronts. “For us, EuroShop is still the most important trade fair,” says Sales Director Mr Nilles. “Here we can show an expert, international audience directly that SCHOTT provides and continuously develops innovative solutions that address the rapidly evolving retail environment. We look forward to the response to our new options designed for better orientation which we will be showing to the public for the first time at the fair stand.”

Visit SCHOTT at EuroShop from 16 to 20 February 2020 in Düsseldorf at stand C60 in hall 17 and experience our ideas and innovations live. You can find more information on


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