Retrofitting: the Smart Way to save Energy

Our retrofit door systems are designed for energy efficient use in installed cabinets.

Retrofit projects are attractive for closing open cooling cabinets but also for replacing heated freezer doors with zero-energy doors. In both cases retrofitting is a smart solution for saving energy and the payback time for your investment is very attractive.


The advantages, that SCHOTT Termofrost offer, are obvious:
  • Energy savings of up to 65%
  • Very short payback time: less than 2 years for freezer doors
  • Services that ensure reliable and secure implementation
  • A wide range of systems for easy installation available
  • Short mounting time supports smooth installation

Our Products for Retrofit Projects:

For Freezers:
SCHOTT Termofrost® ECO-Clear: Energy-free Doors

For Chillers:
SCHOTT Termofrost® AGD 3: All-Glass Door System
SCHOTT Termofrost® SDS 2: Sliding Door Dystem
SCHOTT Termofrost® Smart Look: Fully transparent swing Door System
SCHOTT Termofrost® SVD: Sliding doors system for semi-vertical refrigerated cabinets

Calculate savings of your Retrofit Projects:

          For Chillers:

          For Island Units: