Dental & Life Sciences

We offer a wide variety of special glass powders with selected physical, chemical and bioactive properties that can be used in cosmetics and as a component for dental implants. These glass powders are provided in the highest purity levels and with the finest grain sizes from 3.5 µm down to 0.4 µm.
  • Transparent dental glass powders with extremely small grain sizes in the µm ranges is used in high quality composites as dental restoration material (tooth fillings and dental prosthesis). Its color can easily be customized by adding pigments. In addition, the implants are easy to polish, allowing the surfaces to appear white and shiny.
  • Vitryxx® bioactive glass powder for use in cosmetics consists entirely of minerals required by the human body, such as calcium, silicon, sodium and phosphorus, and it is readily accepted by the body. It is used for its anti-oxidant, soothing, mineralizing and anti-bacterial properties.
In medical and dental technologies, demands on hygiene standards are high. SCHOTT has therefore developed Solidur® LEDs, which are fully hermetic and autoclavable for more than 3,500 cycles.
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Trade fair Automotive LiDAR 2019, Detroit, MI, USA, 25.09 - 26.09.2019
Trade fair European Microwave Week 2019, Paris, France, 01.10 - 03.10.2019
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