Medical Electronics

Medical equipment must meet strict requirements with respect to purity and durability. As medical devices often come into direct contact with the human body, they must not contain any materials that could have a harmful influence on people’s health. The ability to reliably sterilize all the components contained in an instrument is yet another crucial aspect. In order to kill off bacteria, these devices are treated with hot steam under high pressure at temperatures of over 130°C. This clearly puts an immense strain on these sensitive electronic components.

Hermetic seals from SCHOTT Electronic Packaging can be used to reliably encapsulate electronic and optoelectronic components. This provides the sensitive components with reliable, long-term protection and yet enables them to function over the course of their long lifetime. Thanks to our broad range of materials and housing types, our products are ideal for use in all areas of medical technology. Here are but a few examples of the many applications for our products in the medical arena:
  • Autoclavable LEDs to support lighting in dental and medical devices
  • Housings and feedthroughs for infrared sensors to support navigation in computer-aided surgery
  • Protection for sensors contained in pulse oximeters and other analysis instruments
  • Packaging solutions for lasers in the area of skin treatment
  • Hermetic micro-housings for miniature components in endoscopic and other medical applications
Developers of new advanced medical devices are constantly demanding smaller and more complex components. Here, too, SCHOTT Electronic Packaging offers viable solutions, because although our ceramic feedthroughs for use in drug delivery applications are often extremely small in diameter, they can still house more than 100 separate pins. Voltages pass through each pin and thus activate different combinations of switches. As a result, a greater number or more complex combinations of drugs can be administered at any given time. Please refer to the following pages for more information.
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