TO News & Innovation Track Record

Our innovation track record - The basis for current and next generation high-speed designs.
Recognized as a world leader in glass science and processing, SCHOTT’s development of specialty glasses for the permanent sealing of glass and metal dates back to the 1930s. The first generation of today‘s high-speed TO PLUS® headers were introduced in 1964. With more than 50 years of research and applied knowledge in the TO field, SCHOTT continues to be a leading force in designing and manufacturing innovative high-speed designs that support next-generation data- and telecom infrastructure.
50G: Breakthrough in Transistor Outline Technology
SCHOTT Introduces 50G TO for Unprecedented Speed in Datacom Applications More
Overcoming all distances – with high-speed TO solutions
High-performance TO headers and caps from SCHOTT can replace box packages in long, middle, and even short range data transmission. More
Replacing box packages with SCHOTT 10G DML TEC TOs
Realizing new high-speed optical component designs with high-performance TO headers and caps. SCHOTT introduces miniature TO38 and TO33 header outlines for QSFP transceivers to support 4x10 Gbit/s.
A quantum leap in high-speed designs: 28G TO PLUS® headers
28G TO PLUS® headers are the first and only glass-to-metal sealed TO headers that enable data transmission rates of 28 GBit/s.
Improved SCHOTT TO56 Ball Lens Caps
With the introduction of further improved TO56 Ball Lens Caps, SCHOTT offers an optimized, high-performance product specially developed for the Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) market.
A quantum leap in high-speed designs
Development of the 14 Gbit/s TO PLUS® header for next generation fiber channel.
TO headers with superior heat conductivity
SCHOTT launches its TO38, TO39 and TO56 headers with copper heatsink for high heat conductivity products.
First High-Speed TO Header for 10 Gbit/s
The 2002 introduction of the first high-speed TO PLUS® header for data rates of 10 Gbit/s, marks a milestone in the history of SCHOTT‘s high-speed track record.
High-precision Angled Window Caps for VCSEL
With increasing requirements for speed and optical accuracy, SCHOTT introduces high-precision Angled Window Caps for VCSEL applications to provide defined back reflection for monitoring.
The triumph of fiber optic network deployment leads to TO headers and caps becoming standard equipment used to protect laser and photo diode chips. SCHOTT supports the need for increasing data rates by developing the next generation of high-speed products ahead of market demand.
TO Can packages become more sophisticated when their main application switches to optoelectronics. Using in-house competency in optical glasses, SCHOTT begins offering TO window and lens caps, that are now required to transmit optical signals.
Origins of high-volume transistor package production: SCHOTT EP is there from the beginning with the start of production of first hermetic TO headers based on glass-to-metal sealing.