Microelectronic Packages with Ceramic-to-Metal Sealing (SCHOTT CerTMS®)

Product Description

The current trend of miniaturization in the electronics and communication sectors continues unabatedly. This indicates the growing need for new hermetic sealing solutions to enable increasingly larger volumes of data to be transmitted at high speeds while constantly minimizing the space required to do so. Conventional glass-to-metal sealed feedthroughs are often not up to this task when dealing with extraordinary conductor systems that require more flexible solutions.

SCHOTT ceramic-to-metal sealed microelectronic packages (SCHOTT CerTMS®) use HTCC multilayer ceramic feedthroughs for faster and yet highly resistant data transmission. The hermetically sealed housings offer reliable protection to sensitive components.


SCHOTT CerTMS® feedthroughs ensure properties such as air-tightness, long-life cycles, robustness and reliability. In addition, they have a range of application-specific advantages such as the following:
  • Ideal for use in complex conductor systems and their large number of inputs/outputs increases performance and enables them to be used in increasingly smaller devices.
  • Can be used for encapsulating applications with special design and technical needs, in terms of partitioning, wiring, throughput quantity and density requirements.
  • Can combine ceramic-to-metal and glass-to-metal sealing technology in a feedthrough to integrate all conventional types of contacts to form a hybrid package.


SCHOTT CerTMS® microelectronic packaging is particularly well-suited for applications with special signal wiring and contact density requirements, such as:
  • Data communication
  • Microwave packaging
  • Industrial lasers
  • Medical technology
  • Sensor technology
  • Power electronics

Technical Details


Potentially existing optical components are always integrated using soldering. The metal housings are manufactured using a range of production technologies (stamping, milling, turning, deep-drawing, MIM, precision casting) depending on their application.

The housings can also be plated with various metals to customer specifications in addition to conventional nickel, nickel-gold and nickel-silver plating. Please refer to the SCHOTT CerTMS® ceramic-to-metal sealing technology section for more information about this technology

Features / Specifications

All microelectronic packages are manufactured according to customer specifications since there are no general standards governing their manufacture.

The design and specifications of different microelectronics packages can vary greatly depending on the application in which they are used and may, amongst others, include the following features:
  • Various optical components (windows, lenses, fiber optic ferrules, etc…)
  • (Partial) Heat sink for dissipating heat loss from the active device (Cu-W, Mo, Al-Si, Mo-Cu)
  • Coaxial (e.g. SMA, SMP, etc…) and planar (microstrip, co-planar, grounded co-planar) high frequency interfaces up to 40 GB/s
  • Feedthroughs for high currents
  • High-voltage feedthroughs
Microelectronic packages can also be fitted with application specific components such as ceramic substrates, TEC’s, etc...

Forms of Supply and Product Packaging

All products can be packed individually and supplied on trays.


All our production facilities are ISO 9001 certified. All our products are ROHS compatible and comply with MIL PRF-38534 and MIL STD-883.
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