High Frequency TO and Microelectronic Packages

Product Description

Data communication networks are becoming increasingly faster. However, data can only be transferred at high speed if all of the components involved are designed for operation at high frequencies. Hence, the easiest way to speed up data transfer rates in communication networks is to replace the transmission and reception components.

Transistor Outlines (TO) and Microelectronic Packages
Hermetically sealed housings for high frequency components come in a range of designs, and enable large volumes of data to be transmitted in existing structures - particularly in TO packages. We produce customized solutions for these areas of application ranging from high-volume TO headers (TO PLUS®) to customized microelectronic (or hybrid) packages.


TO PLUS® packages can be designed to deliver data throughputs of up to 28GB/s. The advantage to you: TO PLUS® packages are extremely low-loss and feature high-tolerance accuracy and high-frequency connections. TO PLUS® is fully compatible with existing TO caps and with standard assembly processes.

Upgrading communication networks
Most transmission and reception technologies were developed based on the fundamentals of TOs, hence, it is not necessary for communication application manufacturers to change their products, as they can simply upgrade their networks instead.

In-house simulation and measurement technology
We are a specialist in simulation and measuring technology. Please feel free to contact our experts for an in-depth consultation - from design development to the finished product - about your needs.


These high-frequency packages are primarily used for data communications, radar and microwave applications.

Technical Details


High-frequency applications are not independent structures in themselves, but rather simply denote the integration of a high-frequency connection into an existing structure. High-frequency packaging development and production is based on the same principles used for conventional TO and microelectronic packages. Please visit our TO product page for more information about TO packages as well as our micro-electronic/ hybrid page for more information about microelectronic packages.

Features / Specifications

All SCHOTT products for high-frequency applications are produced in close collaboration with our customers.

Forms of Supply and Product Packaging

All SCHOTT products can be packed individually and supplied on trays.


All of our production facilities are ISO 9001 certified. In addition, all of our products comply with the International Telcordia Specifications, are ROHS compatible and comply with MIL PRF-38534 and MIL STD-883.
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