Multi-Chip Module Housings and Multilayer Ceramic Circuit Board Substrates

Product Description

High temperature- and shock-resistant packaging for exploration and subsea electronics

Hermetic multi-chip module (MCM) housings are used for protective packaging of sensitive measurement and control electronics in harsh environment conditions. Simultaneously, built-in Glass-or Ceramic-to-Metal Sealed Connectors enable power and signal transmission (electrical and optical) into and out of the package.

ceramic feedthroughs and circuit board substrates enable miniature 3D interconnect solutions, paving the way for high-density input/output capability in small-form-factor packages. The material’s superior thermal conductivity and
high temperature resistance beyond 300°C make these substrates a perfect fit for high-power applications.


  • High-temperature glass or ceramic materials: Suitable for working environments of 175°C and above in oil & gas applications.
  • Shock and vibration resistance: Designed to endure extreme pressure and vibrations in harsh working environments.    
  • Customizable and space-saving: Miniaturized 3D interconnect designs can be custom made for specific application needs.


SCHOTT Multi-Chip Module Housings with Ceramic-to-Metal (CerTMS®) feedthroughs are ideal for robust miniaturized 3D interconnect solutions – particularly in environments where extreme temperature resistance and shock and vibration resistance are a must.

Application examples include:
  • DC-DC Converters
  • Motor Controllers
  • Micro Processor Packaging
  • Ultra high pin count penetrators

Technical Details

Large Variety of Available Interfaces

  • AC/DC
  • Low/high voltages and frequencies
  • Lead frames/ BGA/ PGA/ standard connector interfaces
  • Windows
  • Lenses
  • Fibers
  • Heat spreaders
  • Heat sinks