Eternaloc® Connectors and Penetrators for Oil Exploration

Product Description

Made to Withstand Extreme Conditions Deep Underground

SCHOTT has developed customizable Eternaloc® connectors for use in HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) oil & gas exploration environments. Eternaloc® connectors are designed to support safe and reliable transmission of valuable data and information provided by sensors in Wireline, MWD and LWD oil & gas applications.


  • 35,000 PSI and above: Robust glass-to-metal seals maintain integrity in some of the harshest environments on earth with 35KSI design pressure and 50KSI burst pressure resistance.
  • Superior pressure resistance and insulation resistance under extreme conditions: ≥10GΩ - with our high-temperature sealing glasses, higher IR can be achieved at 260°C  in some circumstances.
  • Extreme temperature resistance: Eternaloc® connectors are designed to withstand temperatures in excess of 260°C.
  • Fully customizable: Single and multi-pin, male/female connections, and custom materials – flexible design and sampling for a variety of applications.
Glass seals maintain integrity


Eternaloc® oil & gas exploration connectors are designed to support safe transmission of valuable data and information provided by sensors in harsh high temperature, high pressure drilling environments.

Applications include:
  • Wireline
  • MWD
  • LWD

Technical Details

Design Support, Processes, and Material Options

Special Materials
  • Alloy X-750
  • Alloy 718
  • Alloy 625
Sealing Alloys
  • Kovar®
  • Alloy 52 (NiFe47)
  • CRS Cold Rolled
  • Stainless Steel
    • AISI 4xx
    • AISI 3xx
Sealing Glasses
  • Full lineup of glasses
  • In-house production
  • Variety of solder glasses
Optical Materials
  • SCHOTT Optical Glass i.e. N-BK7, N-LaSF44, LaSF35, and others
  • Optical Materials: sapphire, silicon
  • Fiber optics
Ceramic Pin Seals
  • Metalized Alumina 96% Al2O3
Multilayer Ceramic
  • HTCC 92% Al2O3
  • LTCC