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Enabling in-situ bioprocess monitoring using Raman spectroscopy with fully compatible systems from SCHOTT, INFORS HT, and tec5
A comprehensive process analytical technology (PAT) solution is ready for pharmaceutical companies to further enhance automation and real-time monitoring of their bioprocesses without compromising the sterile boundary. International technology company SCHOTT, biotech manufacturer INFORS HT, and the process spectrometer manufacturer tec5 are announcing a highly advanced product combination for the direct use of Raman spectroscopy in bioreactors. The tailored system is a seamless combination of bioreactor, spectrometer system, and probe receptacle, and meets typical instrumental and regulatory requirements. More
Solidifying a commitment to quality
SCHOTT Primoceler receives ISO9001 certification, demonstrating continuing dedication to meeting rigid manufacturing quality standards More
Breaking the speed record of data communication
Innovative 50G SCHOTT TO Plus® Packages enable unprecedented bandwidths in communication networks

• Actively cooled high-speed applications enabled by 50G EML TEC TO can packages
• Applications include 50G PON, 5G, Datacenter, and 100G PAM4
• High-speed datacenter applications with economical alternatives to box packages
SCHOTT Honored as “Best Support Supplier” by Accelink Technology
During the 22nd China International Optoelectronic Expo (2020 CIOE), SCHOTT Group was awarded the title of "Best Support Supplier" by Wuhan Accelink Technology. The two companies held a ceremony celebrating the award at SCHOTT’s booth at the exhibition. More
Glass-ceramics optimize exhaust gas sensors
Heatan™ reduces manufacturing steps, components and space required for sensors

An innovative technology for glass-ceramic insulators can fundamentally change the production of exhaust gas sensors. Heatan are components manufactured entirely by SCHOTT. They combine a material developed specifically for this purpose with a matching production method. The result is a significant reduction in the number of parts in a typical sensor as well as the space required. What’s more, only two production steps are needed instead of 20.
Reduced Contamination Risk and Higher Process Yield in Bioreactors
Innovative SCHOTT ViewPort™ PAT components enable in-situ bioprocess monitoring without compromising the sterile boundary

Biopharmaceutical processes require reliable analytical methods to ensure product safety, quality and productivity. However, conventional methods depend on opening the bioreactor when extracting a sample or compromising the sterile boundary when inserting a probe, which increases the risk of contamination. With SCHOTT ViewPort™ process analytical technology (PAT) components, continuous in-situ measurement is possible without penetrating the bioreactor barrier. The metal conduit, which acts as a receptacle and optical interface for sensors or spectrometers, features a tightly sealed optical window consisting of sapphire, which enables real-time process monitoring. The components are developed and manufactured by the optical glass and glass-to-metal sealing expert SCHOTT in Germany, and are available as standard variants for multi-use bioreactors (MUB) as well as customized versions for single-use bioreactors (SUB).
Enabling Vision Restoration with Glass Encapsulation
NanoRetina announces successful preliminary results for its NR600 Artificial Retina Device using SCHOTT Primoceler’s glass laser bonding technology

NanoRetina has taken a monumental step forward in establishing its retinal implant that could represent an answer to degenerative vision loss. SCHOTT Primoceler’s hermetic glass wafer micro bonding was used for the ultra-miniature, all-glass encapsulation of the device.
Implantable Technology Breakthrough
SCHOTT Primoceler’s bonding process used in a collaboration with Geissler Companies and IRD Glass - Development of safer, non-magnetic implant Implantable devices can be safely encapsulated in miniature all-glass packages using SCHOTT Primoceler’s room-temperature bonding process that allows the use of heat-sensitive materials. This opens the possibility for non-magnetic materials to be used in implantable electronics, which have previously relied on heat-resistant ferrous metals as part of their construction. More
Enhanced reliability and performance for UV LEDs
LEDs on the UV-B and UV-C spectrum are finding new applications in the medical and industrial sectors. In these demanding areas, efficiency, longevity, and optimal costs per Watt are key factors for their increased adoption. SCHOTT, the international technology group, offers a suite of materials, components and complete LED modules that enable exceptional reliability and performance in uses ranging from IR to UV-B/C applications. New technology, including improved thermal properties and RayVolution®, a highly UV-transmissive borosilicate glass for deep UV applications, will be highlighted at LED Japan, taking place in Tokyo from January 29 - 31. More
Setting the Standard in Next-Generation Electric Compressors
The reliability and performance of electric air conditioning compressors in EVs, hybrid, and fuel cell vehicles heavily depends on one component: the compressor terminal. The compressor terminal must remain hermetically sealed to prevent refrigerant leakage while also enabling the transfer of high power loads from the battery to the compressor. For the first time, the technology group and compressor terminal expert SCHOTT now offers a range of standard compressor terminals that have been long sought after by e-compressor developers. Fully optimized for performance and efficiency, the portfolio includes a standard design for 200-500V applications, typically used in electric vehicles. SCHOTT furthermore offers optimized compressor terminals that support next-generation requirements, such as 48V battery systems and quick-charging technology with high voltages up to 800V. More
SCHOTT Honored as “Best Partner” by Leading Chinese Chip Manufacturer Phograin
Phograin honored strategic partners during Global Partner Event at CIOE trade show

SCHOTT was one of the few overseas companies to receive this distinguished award

SCHOTT intends to strengthen its partnership with Phograin and support their optical components used in 5G telecommunication with high-speed TO packaging products
Ready for “new space”
Special bonding technology by SCHOTT Primoceler provides increased reliability for VCSELs in aerospace applications More
SCHOTT drives autonomous mobility forward
Glass solutions play a key role in improving LiDAR sensors in self-driving cars

When it comes to autonomous driving, light detection and ranging (LiDAR) technologies are the foundation upon which a next-generation machine vision can be built. LiDAR sensors, together with radar and cameras, will be linked by artificial intelligence (AI) to enable the highest level of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS 5) and allow for full automation of all driving functions. However, none of the existing LiDAR technologies on the market today meet the performance and reliability requirements to support fully autonomous driving at a competitive price level. SCHOTT is prepared to propel autonomous driving into the future with the broadest range of high-quality glass components and hermetic packaging available to LiDAR manufacturers and suppliers at scale.
A Sensor Packaging Revolution
Pioneering technologies complement SCHOTT’s hermetic sensor packaging portfolio

Sensors are only as good as their individual components. When they need to function in extreme operating environments or deliver superior and stable optical performance, hermetic packaging and sealing comes into play. SCHOTT has now complemented its vast and long-established portfolio of hermetic packaging components with further ground-breaking innovations: HEATAN™ technology enables reliability in ultra-high temperature applications even beyond 1000°C, while Primoceler™ glass micro bonding enables ultra-miniaturized chip-size sensor packages.
Simplified High Temperature Sensor Designs
Revolutionary HEATAN™ technology enables less design complexity for sensors operating in 1000°C and above environments

Demands for improved fuel economy and stricter emissions standards, such as EURO 6, are bringing about technical challenges that must be fulfilled by a new generation of automotive sensors. The need for innovative engine management systems and intelligent exhaust treatment technologies will further increase with the likely introduction of EURO 7. These sensors will become increasingly sophisticated while needing to perform reliably in extreme temperatures and corrosive environments. SCHOTT’s revolutionary HEATAN™ technology is able to withstand these operating conditions with superior robustness, while also offering increased competitiveness through reduced design complexity.
Speeding LNG Growth in China - SCHOTT Eternaloc® Terminal Headers Help to Safely Drive the Expansion of LNG Applications
Mainz, Germany / Shanghai, China – At the LNG2019 (Shanghai, April 1-5), the International Technology Group SCHOTT will be presenting its components for the LNG, oil and gas industries at booth 4225. The focus will be on maintenance-free Eternaloc® terminal headers for safely operating cryogenic submerged pumps and turbine expanders in onshore, offshore and small-scale LNG applications. More
More light: SCHOTT to present the latest innovations in light for use in dental technology
At the International Dental Show IDS in Cologne from March 12 – 16, 2019 (booth 11.3 B 081), the international technology group SCHOTT will be unveiling its latest developments in dental technology. These include a new, fully customizable generation of autoclavable Solidur® LEDs for illuminating instruments that previously never had an integrated light source, as well as a novel manufacturing process that enables the production of fiber optic glass rods in extreme geometries for the latest generation of dental curing devices. SCHOTT will also be presenting innovative solutions for laser delivery solutions. More
Trade Fairs & Events
Trade fair CIOE - China International Optoelectronic Exposition, Shenzhen, China, 01.09 - 03.09.2021
Trade fair Compamed, Düsseldorf, Germany, 15.11 - 18.11.2021
Trade fair SPIE Photonics West, San Francisco, USA, 25.01 - 27.01.2022