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Speeding LNG Growth in China - SCHOTT Eternaloc® Terminal Headers Help to Safely Drive the Expansion of LNG Applications
Mainz, Germany / Shanghai, China – At the LNG2019 (Shanghai, April 1-5), the International Technology Group SCHOTT will be presenting its components for the LNG, oil and gas industries at booth 4225. The focus will be on maintenance-free Eternaloc® terminal headers for safely operating cryogenic submerged pumps and turbine expanders in onshore, offshore and small-scale LNG applications. More
More light: SCHOTT to present the latest innovations in light for use in dental technology
At the International Dental Show IDS in Cologne from March 12 – 16, 2019 (booth 11.3 B 081), the international technology group SCHOTT will be unveiling its latest developments in dental technology. These include a new, fully customizable generation of autoclavable Solidur® LEDs for illuminating instruments that previously never had an integrated light source, as well as a novel manufacturing process that enables the production of fiber optic glass rods in extreme geometries for the latest generation of dental curing devices. SCHOTT will also be presenting innovative solutions for laser delivery solutions. More
Accelink honors SCHOTT as a key supplier and strategic partner for optoelectronic packaging components
• Accelink and SCHOTT signed long-term cooperation agreement for supply of SCHOTT transistor outline (TO) components
• SCHOTT honored for its role as a long-standing supplier of TO packages that support high-speed data- and telecom infrastructure development
SCHOTT honored as “Innovator of the Year” 2018
Renowned trade magazine "Design&Elektronik" awards readers' prize for new glass-to-aluminum sealing technology from SCHOTT in Landshut. More
New electric compressor terminals for high-voltage automobile applications
High-performance SCHOTT e-Compressor Terminals meet rising demand for high-voltage components that support electric vehicle air-conditioning systems up to 800V More
Half Size. Double Safety. Ultra-Compact Electrical Terminal Headers from SCHOTT Now Enable Enhanced Safety for Small-Scale LNG Applications
Adding to its trusted, long-standing line of high-quality Eternaloc® electrical terminal headers for liquefied natural gas (LNG) applications, SCHOTT now introduces the Eternaloc® S-Type feedthrough. Delivering double-seal safety technology in an extremely compact size, the Eternaloc® S-Type opens new possibilities in safety-critical small-scale LNG applications with demanding space constraints. This includes fuel systems for trains, construction equipment, automobiles, and ships, which can utilize LNG as a fuel More
SCHOTT AG to acquire Primoceler Oy, a pioneering laser glass-bonding specialist
SCHOTT AG, a leading international technology group in the areas of specialty glass and glass-ceramics, has entered into an agreement to acquire Primoceler Oy, a Finnish pioneer in glass micro bonding. More
SCHOTT and Primoceler join forces to advance the next generation of ultra-miniature, ultra-reliable medical implants
The technology group SCHOTT has entered into an agreement to acquire Primoceler Oy to expand its hermetic packaging portfolio with pioneering glass micro bonding technology. This process enables the manufacture of vacuum-tight, ultra-miniature electronic and optical devices with superior reliability. Based on laser technology, this state-of-the-art bonding method can be completed without any heat or added materials, allowing device packaging for sensitive electronics made with only transparent materials, such as glass. Offering excellent biocompatibility with new glass types, the technology creates new possibilities for wafer level chip scale packaging (WL-CSP) in a wide range of applications, including medical implants, MEMS devices, and other reliability-critical electronic and optical devices. More
SCHOTT to Showcase Eternaloc® Electrical Penetrations for High-Temperature Modular Reactors in China at World Nuclear Exhibition
Chinergy Co., Ltd and Jiamusi Electric Machine Co., Ltd continue partnership with SCHOTT to supply safe and robust electrical penetration assemblies for new HTR-PM600 nuclear power project. More
50G: Breakthrough in Transistor Outline Technology
SCHOTT Introduces 50G TO for Unprecedented Speed in Datacom Applications More
SCHOTT fully acquired NEC SCHOTT Components Corporation
SCHOTT, a leading international technology group in the areas of specialty glass and glass-ceramics with its headquarters in Mainz (Germany), is looking to further strengthen its position in the important Japanese market for electronic components. As announced on November 24, the company has now purchased the remaining shares in the joint venture NEC SCHOTT Components Corp., Minakuchi (Japan). With the acquisition of NEC Corporation’s 49 percent share, the joint venture has become a fully-owned SCHOTT subsidiary. More
Nuclear Applications: Smart component selection enhances safety and lowers ownership costs
SCHOTT presents a short film detailing how utilizing high-quality components made with robust materials in nuclear power plants makes safer and more cost-efficient nuclear energy possible. More
World’s First Glass-to-Aluminium Seal: SCHOTT’s New Lid Technology Boosts Capacitor Performance
New leak-tight lid technology will open a wealth of design opportunities for supercapacitors and electric double-layer capacitors, enabling higher capacitance and temperature resistance More
SCHOTT to completely acquire NEC SCHOTT Components Corporation
SCHOTT, a leading international technology group in the areas of specialty glass and glass-ceramics with its headquarters in Mainz (Germany), is looking to further strengthen its position on the important Japanese market for electronic components. More
Enabling Miniaturized High Frequency Interposers
SCHOTT HermeSⓇ Through Glass Via substrates now available for chip-size RF interposer applications. More
Mission-Critical Electronics Reliably Protected
In defense and aerospace applications, the quality of components and the reliability of the suppliers that provide them is critical. German hermetic packaging expert SCHOTT will showcase its capabilities and product offerings in hermetic microelectronic packages and substrates for defense and aerospace systems at European Microwave Week 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany. More
A Safe and Cost-Effective Direction for UK Nuclear Power
SCHOTT to Present How to Support Viability of New Builds Using Small, High-Quality Components More
Overcoming all distances – with high-speed TO solutions
High-performance TO headers and caps from SCHOTT can replace box packages in long, middle, and even short range data transmission. More
SCHOTT Eternaloc® Electrical Penetrations Answer New Requirements of Innovative Twin High-Temperature Reactors [HTR] in Shidao Bay, China
Chinergy Co., Ltd and Jiamusi Electric Machine Co., Ltd select SCHOTT components due to unparalleled robustness and safety offered by glass-sealing technology. More
The Roadmap for Increased Safety and Viability of Nuclear Power Plants: SCHOTT welcomes IAEA Electrical and I&C equipment safety report
SCHOTT, an expert provider of glass-to-metal electrical penetration assemblies to the nuclear power industry, has welcomed a report released by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) highlighting the potentially severe issues that can occur as a result of complete failure of electrical and instrumentation and control (I&C) equipment under severe accident conditions. More
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