Electrical Penetration Assemblies for Maritime Vessels

Product Description

SCHOTT Nuclear Submarines Bulkhead Penetration Assembly
Small nuclear reactors power over 500 maritime vessels worldwide in order to be at sea for long periods without refueling. Many are submarines, but also included are other vessels ranging from civil icebreakers to aircraft carriers – all carrying out important duties in making sure global maritime operations are conducted in a safe and efficient manner.

In order to control the reactor, cable penetrations are installed to safely conduct electricity and data signals through the fire-protective, pressure-resistant and hermetically-sealed walls of the bulkhead compartment. In case of an accident, these components play an especially critical role by helping prevent steam, pressure and radioactivity from escaping.

The vital purposes of these specialized vessels, the fact that the lives of the crew depend on their safe operation, and the dangers inherent in a nuclear reactor underline the importance of product safety and quality for nuclear-powered ships and submarines. Our electrical penetration assemblies for maritime vessels help keep the seas safe and support the daily operations of vessels all across the world.

Uncompromising quality standards combined with leading engineering know-how have made SCHOTT the first choice as an electrical penetration assembly supplier for nuclear-powered ships and submarines.

A SCHOTT Eternaloc® Electrical Penetration module for nuclear-powered ships and submarines consists of:
  • A metal housing with sealed-in conductors
  • Two glass-to-metal sealed barriers (utilizing compression sealing techniques)
  • Mating connectors, cabled according to customer specifications on demand
In addition to producing components for naval vessels, SCHOTT can supply Eternaloc® nuclear penetration assemblies for floating nuclear power plants used in the supply of power to remote places. Integration of glass-to-metal sealed nuclear EPAs into these systems helps deliver the same level of safety and maintenance-free performance found in traditional nuclear power plants and nuclear-powered vessels.


Eternaloc® hermetically-sealed penetrations for use in nuclear marine applications have a number of key qualities:
  • Pressure resistant
  • Flame-retardant, maintaining electrical functionality for an extended period at elevated temperatures
  • Highest quality standards combined with leading engineering know-how
  • Virtually no aging-related wear of the conductors and glass seal
  • Sealed conductors carry up to 1000 Amperes while permanently retaining hermeticity
  • A lifetime of up to 40 years (qualified life)
  • High shock resistance against torpedo impact
The penetration system also includes connectors qualified for use in nuclear-powered submarines. The plugs are easy to connect and allow fast exchange of tails in case of a system modification.

Additionally, SCHOTT electrical penetration assemblies for ships and submarines undergo vigorous tests under various forms of stress to meet advanced system specifications:
  • Shock load
  • Burst pressure
  • Hydrostatic pressure
  • Vibration
  • SOLAS Fire Test
  • Short circuit test
SCHOTT is recognized as a distinguished supplier for nuclear submarines. This includes top supplier awards from BAE Systems for superior performance in the design, development, qualification and production of components for ASTUTE – CLASS submarines.


Our glass-to-metal sealed electrical penetration assemblies are used for Light Water Reactors (LWR) such as Boiling Water Reactors (BWT) and Pressurized Water Reactors (PWT) on nuclear-driven ships, submarines, ice breakers, aircraft carriers, and floating nuclear power plants.

Technical Details

Eternaloc® penetrations for use in nuclear marine applications, notably for those in ships and submarines, utilize compression glass-to-metal sealing (GTMS) technology. Please contact our sales department or refer to our technology pages for more information about GTMS.

Features / Specifications

All of our products are customized to individual needs and fulfill all applicable naval standards.

Forms of Supply and Product Packaging

We can deliver products in accordance with customers’ specifications, including completely pre-assembled units. Connectors can also be cabled according to customer specifications or delivered for cabling at the customers’ site.

Our products are delivered in dust-safe, moisture-safe, impact-proof transportation boxes.


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