Harsh Environment Solidur® LEDs for Industrial Applications

Product Description

Cutting Through Darkness with Brilliantly Robust Lighting – Even in Harsh Conditions

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In applications with high humidity, heat, pressure, or aggressive chemicals, the use of standard, non-hermetic LEDs is extremely limited and often only possible with an additional protective housing designed around the actual light source. The reason: LED chips and photo/laser-diodes are highly sensitive to moisture and other environmental aggressors such as high heat or chemicals, so they require special protection.

The solution: SCHOTT Solidur® LEDs and opto-electronic modules are made to work in applications that LEDs could not reliably withstand in the past due to harsh-environment conditions.

SCHOTT manufactures hermetically sealed and fully customizable Solidur® LED modules, offering superb illumination in an extraordinarily sturdy package. High-quality, vacuum-tight metal housings deliver complete protection for the internal LED chips – supporting long-term functionality for “fit-and-forget” application. Solidur® LEDs expand the limits of lighting integration, pushing into harsh environment and safety-critical settings previously unsupported by ordinary LED technology.

SCHOTT Solidur® LEDs. Extremely Tough. Extremely Reliable.


When it comes to reliable, long-term performance with protection against harsh environmental influences, all LED modules are not created equal. Working with SCHOTT as a supplier for integrating hermetically sealed Solidur® LEDs offers numerous advantages.

Advantages of hermetic Solidur® LEDs over conventional, non-hermetic LEDs:


Advantages of working with SCHOTT as a supplier:


Solidur® LEDs are fully customizable according to customer specifications, making them suitable for nearly any application requiring a reliable, hermetically sealed light source – especially in harsh environment settings.

Examples include:

Optical Sensors

  • Optical gas sensors
  • Fluid sensors
  • Position sensors


  • Water sterilization
  • Air purification
  • Medical settings (i.e. skin treatments)
  • Measurement systems
  • Surface sterilization (medical, home appliance, consumer handheld devices)

Industrial Automation


Wearable Electronics / Devices

Technical Details


Its hermetic assembly is the secret of the high quality and reliability of our LEDs:
The gas-tight housings use SCHOTT’s specialty glass-to-metal sealing (GTMS) and ceramic-to-metal sealing (CerTMS®) technologies. SCHOTT’s GTMS component line is the product of decades spent developing and perfecting the process of permanently fusing glass and metal together as a means to create hermetic housings for the protection of sensitive electronics. SCHOTT is a world-leading glass manufacturer with 135 years of experience in the field. 

SCHOTT functions as both a glass manufacturer and sealing house, offering the unique advantage of internal, vertically-integrated expertise and process control of every manufacturing step for its glass-to-metal sealed components.


  • Withstands exposure to oils
  • Can undergo steam sterilization (2 bar; 134 ºC)
  • Temperature stability: > 260 ºC
  • Gas-tightness:1 x 10–8 mbar x l/s
  • Electric insulation: >10GΩ
  • Chemical resistance: High
  • Thermal shock stability: -65 ºC to 150 ºC for 15 cycles
  • Refractive index of glass: 1.48 – 1.58
  • Temperature conductivity: 400 W · m–1 · K–1 (Copper)
  • Package dimensions: miniaturization down to 2 mm diameter possible
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