Acid-Resistant Dental Glass

Product Description

Glass powders provide dental fillings with outstanding stability and appearance. The new SCHOTT DentalGlass Resist demonstrates exceptional resistance to acids, which allows dental fillings to last even longer and withstand all types of acidic and alkaline attacks that are experienced during food ingestion. Acid-resistant dental glass is available in all SCHOTT standard grain sizes (K-type and UF-type) with refractive indices of 1.53 and 1.55.


Acid-resistant dental glass performs well in a multitude of challenging tests involving acids, alkalic solutions and water.

Resistivity is taken to a new level:
  • Acid resistance: class 1
  • Alkaline resistance: class 1
  • Hydrolytical resistance: class 1
High acidic stability can be maintained over a long time period


Thanks to its high resistance to acids, SCHOTT DentalGlass Resist cannot only be used in conventional dental fillings, but it is also ideally suited for use in resin-reinforced glass-ionomer cements. These innovative systems normally contain an acidic formula. They cure chemically, and with the help of UV light in combination with the acid-resistant glass ionomer powder base. This enables them to be applied more quickly in layers at the dentist’s office. Furthermore, more fluoride can be added to the filling to prevent the development of secondary caries.

Technical Details

With more than 130 years of experience, SCHOTT melts all dental glasses in specially designed aggregates to produce glass of optical quality.

Depending on the desired grain size and distribution, different dry and wet grinding technologies are used to grind the raw glass into fine powder.
Finely ground, this special glass ensures that dental composites and resin-reinforced glass-ionomer cements resemble natural dental enamel very closely in terms of both their mechanical properties and their appearance. Acid-resistant DentalGlass Resist comes with refractive indices of 1.53 nd and 1.55 nd and is available in all standard grain sizes. In addition, fine pigment shades allow for the color of the fillings to be adjusted to match the respective tooth perfectly; therefore, they are nearly invisible.
Features / Specifications
For further information on our available glasses, please go to the downloads tab.

Form of Supply and Product Packaging
Our standard packaging consists of sealed PE-bags in cardboard drums. For alternative packaging, please contact us.


For more information on the different quality assurance programs for our dental glasses, please click on our quality assurance processes page.
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