Thermal Battery Covers and Feedthroughs

Product Description

Thermal batteries are primary components that use molten salts as electrolytes and employ an internal heat source to bring the battery stack to operating temperature when required. These inert power sources are designed with reliability and shelf storage in mind. Often used in demanding defense applications in harsh environmental conditions, these batteries must be sealed reliably to enable optimal performance on a moment’s notice. SCHOTT thermal battery covers provide unparalleled protection using hermetic glass-to-metal sealing technology to support uncompromised gas-tight durability of reliability-critical battery assemblies.

Applying decades of knowledge and expertise in glass manufacturing and sealing processes, SCHOTT utilizes a mix of carefully selected glass and metal materials to create a hermetic seal of the battery feedthroughs and provide protection for the thermal batteries. Although the battery chemistry is made of extremely aggressive substances such as lithium and lithium thionyl chloride, these batteries can be reliably encapsulated for long periods due to the use of materials, which are highly resistant to corrosion and chemicals.
SCHOTT’s glass-to-metal sealed feedthroughs support the functionality of thermal batteries by providing protection to help conduct power efficiently in their operation.


SCHOTT has supplied products to defense sectors across the world, experience that has helped build an understanding of customer requirements for components in safety-critical defense applications.

Our experience with various glass and material types helps support the development and production of components that offer optimal resistance against corrosion and chemicals in harsh environments over a long period.

We are a world leader in the production of lithium and thermal battery covers and have the capability to produce customized thermal battery feedthroughs according to exact customer specifications.


Thermal batteries are primarily used for defense applications, but they are also found in the energy and nuclear safety sector.

Technical Details


Advanced glass-to-metal technology is used to create a reliable hermetic seal in SCHOTT’s thermal battery covers. Additionally, the materials used in these components are extremely corrosion-resistant.

Features / Specifications

SCHOTT Electronic Packaging is capable of producing customized thermal battery cpvers that meet even the most difficult challenges. We make it a principle to work in close cooperation with individual customers in an effort to manufacture high-quality products that meet strict military-grade application standards.

Forms of Supply and Product Packaging

All thermal battery covers and feedthroughs are packaged to meet specific customer requirements.


SCHOTT Electronic Packaging’s US facility in Southbridge, MA is fully ITAR-compliant and is AS9100 certified, a distinguished certification that is a symbol of trust amongst defense component manufacturers at every level in the supply chain. Our facility is also ISO 9001 2008 certified. If you have any questions about our rigid quality assurance program, please contact us.
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