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Our experienced research and development team works closely with our customers to create innovative solutions for the electronics market. One of our latest achievements is the SCHOTT SEFUSE® D6 type. This is the second protection device in the D6 series for electrical equipment. 


The D6S series
D6SA and D6SC devices are ultra-thin surface mount devices ideal for limited-space Lithium-ion battery applications. The self-heater activates when overcharging occurs, which will activates the fuse and cuts off the circuit.

The D6 series (D6T / D6X / D6WX)
The D6 series is a line of dual safety devices which integrate a thermal link and resistor as a heater and use a ceramic material for the device (cap and base). The D6 series is activated when an abnormal temperature increase is caused by the external environment or heat generated by the electrical circuit within the device. This provides a second layer of protection for electrical equipment the D6 series is installed in.

Discontinuance Announcement of D6 series (D6T / D6X / D6WX)
      Last orders accepted:       Until the end of Sep 2018
      Final delivery:                   Mar 2019

For further information, please refer to “Discontinuance Announcement of D6X / T / WX Series” letter.


The D6 type battery fuse offers the following benefits:

D6S series (D6SA / D6SC)
  • Surface-mount type device
  • Ultra-thin structure (D6SA : 0.90 / D6SC : 0.85mm)
  • Available for rated current of 12A~30A (D6SA : 12~15A / D6SC : 12~30A)
  • Compliant with RoHS and Antimony free
*All D6 type products do not use SVHC prescribed by REACH (169 substances, 20th June, 2016)

D6 series (D6T / D6X / D6WX)
  • Thermal link function
  • Thin structure 1.35mm(D6T)~1.70mm(D6X)~1.90mm(D6WX)
  • Available for rated current of 12A~15A.
  • Compliant with RoHS and REACH guidelines
  • Compliant with Halogen-free requirements
*All D6 type products do not use SVHC prescribed by REACH (169 substances, 20th June, 2016)



The D6 series is mainly used for battery packs in consumer electronics such as notebook computers, tablets, power tools, etc.

Technical Details


D6T, D6X and D6WX Series
The D6 series houses a printed electrode, a fuse element and a special flux material in the top layers of the ceramic base. The current flows from across the fuse element of one lead through the second lead.
When the ambient temperature rises to the operating temperature of the D6 series, the fuse element melts and forms a drop around the end of each lead as a result of surface tension and the special flux coating. This cuts off the electrical circuit. It also contains a second protection function: when the heater resistance activates in response to an external signal causing the fuse element to melt, it cuts off the circuit immediately.

D6S Series
The concept of D6S series is a compact and reliable surface-mount type battery fuse for use in applications which require space and energy savings for a Li-ion battery.
The D6S series is developed in the same structure as the D6 series without the lead wires  in a downsized body with a low height of 0.85~0.90mm. The fuse operates when the over current flows into the built-in heater element of the device and cuts off the circuit immediately to protect the battery from overcharging.

For further information or details, please contact our sales department.


Features / Specifications

Series Electrical Ratings Opening
Safety Standard
AC/DC Current Voltage
D6T series DC 12A 32V 139°C UL/VDE
D6X series DC 12A 32V 139°C UL/VDE
D6WX Series DC 15A 32V 139°C UL/VDE
D6SA Series DC 12A/15A 36V - UL/TÜV 
20A UL
30A 62V UL/TÜV 
D6SC Series DC 12A/15A 36V - UL/TÜV 
Please refer to "Cautions" in Specifications for our design guidelines.


Forms of Supply and Product Packaging

Standard forms of supply are available. Please contact our sales department if you have any special requests with regards to supply and packaging.


All D6 types undergo an internal resistance check in addition to the standard quality assurance processes of SCHOTT to ensure consistently high quality of the product.

For further information, please review our quality assurance page
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