Autoclavable housings for the reliable encapsulation of medical electronics

Product Details

The use of sensors and other sensitive electronic components in the field of medical technology is gaining increasing popularity. This is especially so in the area of surgical instruments, whereby more and more manufacturers are relying on the integration of electronic components into the surgical instruments. Light sources also play an important role in areas like dental surgery and endoscopy.

Autoclavability is a key requirement that all medical devices which come into either direct or indirect contact with the human body must meet. All the components contained in these types of instrument must be able to withstand the frequent steam sterilization at temperatures of over 130°C without damages to their performance or at the expense of their service life.

Sensitive sensors and other electronic and optoelectronic components require reliable encapsulation that can withstand difficult environmental conditions on a long-term basis. Hermetic housings made of glass and metal, ceramic and metal, as well as full ceramic housings, offer reliable protection and, at the same time, ensure a continuous power supply, as well as transmission of the information from the components.

We offer a wide selection of standard housings based on Transistor Outlines (TOs), as well as solutions that are designed to meet the needs of specific customers. We are also keenly focused on the development of microstructures for innovative applications.

Packaging Types

Transistor Outlines & Caps

Microelectronic Packages

Material Base

Glass-to-metal seals

Ceramic-to-metal seals

Full ceramic packages


Unlike conventional housings, the materials that SCHOTT Electronic Packaging uses provide complete and dependable hermetic protection. The use of glass, metal and ceramics can consistently prevent moisture from seeping into the housing which would cause internal corrosion. These components are thus autoclavable, temperature resistant and shock resistant. Thanks to the broad variety of materials and huge range of possible housing types, these products can be used in all areas of medical technology.


SCHOTT’s hermetic housings are used to protect sensitive electronic and optoelectronic components found in medical treatment and diagnosis applications which must be sterilized using an autoclave. The sealing technology has proven itself in numerous applications for extended periods of time, mainly in the areas of endoscopy and dental surgery.

New areas of application can be found in the growing field of surgical navigation or in encapsulation of analysis instruments, such as spectrometers or sensors for pulse oximetry.

Technical Details


SCHOTT offers 3 main types of housings for autoclavable electronics: glass-to-metal sealed feedthroughs, ceramic-to-metal sealed (SCHOTT CerTMS®) feedthroughs and full-ceramic solutions. A variety of different materials is available for use in hermetic housings, particularly in the area of metal components, all of the metals that are generally used in medical technology – including stainless steel, titanium and aluminum – can be put to use or combined. Please refer to our technology pages for more information.

Features / Specifications
  • Autoclaving: Proven functionality for
    • Oils
    • Disinfection with alkaline solutions (55 ºC; 5 min)
    • Thermal disinfection (95 ºC; 10 min)
    • Steam sterilization (2 bar; 134 ºC for 3 min.)
  • Temperature stability: > 250 ºC
  • Gas-tight: 1 x 10–8 mbar x l/s
  • Electric insulation: >10GΩ
  • Chemical resistance: High
  • Thermal shock stability: -65 ºC to 150 ºC for 15 cycles

Forms of Supply and Product Packaging

The products are individually packed according to customer specifications to protect the products during the shipping and transportation process.


All of our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

In addition, all of our products are ROHS compatible and comply with MIL PRF-38534 and MIL STD-883.
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