Autoclavable SCHOTT Solidur® LEDs for Medical and Dental Devices

Product Description

Sterilizable LEDs for extreme conditions
LEDs have become indispensable in high-tech applications, for instance in medical technology or dentistry. Here, very high requirements are placed on lighting products: size, light properties, temperature management, usability and sterilizability are of major importance.

Hermetic and autoclavable
Precisely for these applications, SCHOTT has developed fully hermetic Solidur® LED modules. Besides gas- and watertightness, thoroughly selected materials provide excellent temperature management properties, as well as a high lifetime. Thus, the LEDs can reliably withstand extremely harsh operating environments, e.g. typical sterilization conditions in autoclaves.

Customizable designs
Thanks to SCHOTT’s know how in the development of customized housings, caps and lenses,  Solidur®LEDs can be designed to meet your individual requirements. Furthermore, customers can select from three basic LED types:

- Solidur Mini LED: The world’s smallest autoclavable HB (high brightness) LED
- Solidur Ring LED: The first autoclavable ring-shaped HB LED
- Solidur TO LED: Autoclavable all-rounder that can be easily integrated into existing systems

Introducing SCHOTT Solidur® LEDs at the 2015 International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany.


High performance, robustness and durability
SCHOTT uses inorganic and therefore non-aging materials that are characterized by outstanding robustness. The permanent connection of metal and glass can consistently prevent moisture from seeping into the housing and therefore averts the danger of internal corrosion or contamination, as well as a degradation of the LED chip. In addition, due to the materials’ properties, the hermetically sealed LED module withstands high temperatures, pressure, moisture, chemicals and mechanical impact, e.g. scratches.

Hermetic and autoclavable
All these exceptional properties make Solidur® LEDs fully autoclavable. In 3.500 test cycles at an ambient pressure of 2 bar and a temperature of 134°C, SCHOTT LED modules have proven to remain absolutely gas-tight with outstanding optical performance. Therfore, Solidur® LEDs are particularly suited for use in dental and medical devices and stand out due to their sterilizability, robustness and durability at constantly high performance.

Outstanding thermal properties
As an expert in glass-to-metal sealing technology, SCHOTT has selected a range of materials that are particularly well-suited for the application, with a variety of different properties. For example, excellent thermal conductivity can be achieved by using copper (GTCS™ - Glass-to-Copper-Sealing). Due to its superior thermal conductivity, the lifetime and efficiency of the module can be enhanced. 


Solidur® LEDs from SCHOTT are ideal for:
  • Medical technology (e.g. endoscopy, surgical instruments)
  • Dental devices (e.g. dental turbines, handtools, intraoral cameras)
  • UV applications (e.g. UV curing, water and air purification, medical phototherapy)
  • Harsh environments (applications such as instrumentation and sensing)

Technical Details


SCHOTT Electronic Packaging is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hermetically sealed housings for the long-term protection of sensitive electronics.

Enhanced lifetime and efficiency
The use of inorganic and therefore non-aging materials offers long-term hermetic protection against moisture, temperature, mechanical impact and pressure or chemicals. The permanent connection of glass and metal therefore averts any danger of internal corrosion or contamination.

Sealing technologies

Fully autoclavable
For LEDs this means that SCHOTT LEDs can for example reliably withstand typical sterilization conditions in autoclaves.

Superior heat dissipation properties
Based upon our established glass-to-metal sealing know-how, the newly developed Glass-to-Copper-Sealing technology (GTCS™) provides the added benefit of superior thermal conductivity and stability, leading to enhanced efficiency and lifetime of the LED.



  • Autoclaving: Proven functionality for
    • Oils
    • Steam sterilization (2 bar; 134 ºC)
  • Temperature stability: > 260 ºC
  • Gas-tight: 1 x 10–8 mbar x l/s
  • Electric insulation: >10GΩ
  • Chemical resistance: High
  • Thermal shock stability: -65 ºC to 150 ºC for 15 cycles
  • Refractive index of glass: 1.48 – 1.58
  • Temperature conductivity: 400 W · m–1 · K–1 (Copper)
  • Package dimensions: miniaturization down to 2 mm diameter possible


For more information, please refer to our quality assurance processes or the product information.


Medical electronic components from SCHOTT

SCHOTT Solidur® LEDs - Autoclavable for more than 3,500 cycles.

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