Housings for Tire Pressure Sensors

Product Description

Tire pressure monitoring represents yet another addition to the improvement of passenger safety and comfort. It also has a direct effect on the tire’s performance. However, tire pressure can only be reliably and accurately measured inside the tire, which is why direct systems have significant advantages over other types of tire pressure measuring systems.

Tire pressure sensors are either integrated into the tire’s valve or are vulcanized directly into the rubber mixture. In both cases, the sensor’s housing has to be extremely small, light and flat. Generally, tire pressure sensors are SAW filters that do not require any power. This is why the glass-metal housing components are not required to meet any special current-feedthrough requirements and are intended solely to protect the sensor against extreme environmental conditions inside or on the tire.


Glass-to-metal sealed feedthroughs are capable of withstanding the extreme environmental conditions found within and around tires for an extremely long period of time. This means that extreme temperature fluctuations and, in particular, strong vibrations and sudden impacts will not have any effect on the sensors.


Due to a range of problems encountered in the past, constant tire pressure monitoring became mandatory in the USA several years ago.

Tire pressure monitoring is also mandatory for run-flat tires, which are enjoying increasing popularity. In run-flat tires, tire pressure sensors are vital in alerting drivers to any drops in pressure and in enabling them to adapt their driving accordingly.

Technical Details


Tire pressure sensors are encapsulated using particularly light and simultaneously highly resistant materials, especially, stainless steel.

In addition, to ensure the reliable hermeticity of these housing components, glass-to-metal sealing technology is used. Please click on this page for more information.

Features / Specifications

Our products are all custom-made. Please contact your local salesperson for more information.

Forms of Supply and Product Packaging

All products can be packaged individually and supplied on trays.


All our Automotive Division production facilities are TS 16949 certified. For more information, please refer to our quality assurance processes.
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