Screw Compressor Seals

Product Description

Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors and screw compressors are large compressor types typically used in both commercial and industrial applications. These compressors are required to have a large capacity in order to continuously supply large amounts of energy. Therefore, the corresponding compressor terminals must be able to transfer high power in a continuous and stable manner over long periods of time.

A typical application for semi-hermetic compressors is industrial refrigeration.
In a supermarket, for example, the doors of a cooled display case are constantly opening and closing. Semi-hermetic compressors enable precision-calibrated refrigeration in environments like this where the temperature changes frequently.


Semi-hermetic compressors and their terminals are typically used in applications that are not in harsh, high-pressure environments but still demand quality, high-output components. In a semi-hermetic compressor, the terminal is incorporated using screws. This is a unique design different from other refrigeration and air conditioning compressor seals. Semi-hermetic compressors and corresponding compressor terminals are produced in an array of designs to meet the varying requirements of size and current allowances in a multitude of applications.


Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors, Semi-hermetic screw compressors.

Technical Details


Glass-to-metal compressors are hermetically sealed. For more information about our glass-to-metal technology, please click on this page. Alternatively, you can find out about our GTMS products from the GTMS brochure.

Features / Specifications
Material information
Pin Fe-Cr, Fe-Ni,
Copper core Fe-Cr, Cr-Cu
Eyelet Fe, Stainless steel
Glass Soda Barium glass
Insulation material Silicon rubber
Phenol resin block
Others Tab

Air tightness ~1.0×10-9Pa m3/sec
Insulation resistance 1000MΩ Min. at DC500V
Withstand voltage AC2500V ~1min. (Leak current : 1mA)
Withstanding pressure (Water) 3.1MPa - 1min. (Thickness : 15mm)
6.3MPa - 3min. (Thickness : 25mm)

Forms of Supply and Product Packaging

Standard forms of supply are available. Please contact our sales department if you have questions or special requests concerning supply and packaging.


All of our glass-to-metal sealing products are manufactured in our ISO 9001/14001 certified plant, the quality assurance standard of ISO. For more information, please click here.
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