Hygrometer Feedthroughs

Product Description

Humidity sensors - also known as hygrometers - are used to measure the vapor content of surrounding air. In automotive applications, the most common types are absorption hygrometers, which contain a hygroscopic material that retains water and changes its characteristic when exposed to varying levels of humidity in order to enable measurement.

The sensors are enclosed in a hermetically sealed housing to protect them from harmful surrounding environmental influences. At the same time, the sensors must still be able to access the ambient air to measure the vapor content. This is enabled by engineering small shafts or open caps into the housing that can be adapted according to customer requirements for specific applications.


Our hermetic humidity sensor housing and feedthrough components are based on standard transistor outline (TO) platforms and can be manufactured in mass quantities. All SCHOTT hermetic housing and feedthrough component designs can be customized and adapted to individual customer application requirements.


In vehicles, humidity sensors are used in the passenger compartment to support the air conditioning system or for operation of anti-condensation systems. Humidity sensors are also used in a wide range of industrial applications. Hermetic glass-to-metal sealed hygrometer feedthroughs are an ideal fit fo provide protection and power for the optimal function of humidity sensors.

Technical Details


Glass-to-metal sealing technology is used for hygrometer feedthroughs to provide hermetic protection for humidity sensors. The type of glass and metal used can be custom-formulated depending on specific customer requirements. Additionally, nickel and/or gold plating processes in compliance with the latest automotive industry standards are applied. Please click on this page for information about our glass-to-metal sealing technology.

Features / Specifications

Our hygrometer feedthrough components are able to be custom-made. Please contact your local salesperson for more information.

Forms of Supply and Product Packaging

Our hygrometer feedtdhroughs can be packaged individually and supplied on trays.


All our Automotive Division production facilities are TS 16949 certified. For more information, please refer to our quality assurance processes.
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