• HermeS® Hermetic Through Glass Via Technology
  • HermeS® Hermetic Through Glass Via Technology

HermeS® Hermetic Through Glass Via (TGV) Wafer

Product Description

SCHOTT HermeS® is a glass substrate with hermetically sealed solid “Through Glass Vias” (TGV). It enables fully gastight and therefore long-term robust enclosures for MEMS devices. The fine-pitched vias allow the reliable conduction of electrical signals and power into and out of the MEMS device. Since HermeS® can be placed directly under the silicon MEMS, it enables miniaturized, fully hermetic 3D Wafer Level Chip Size Packaging (WLCSP).


Advantages of HermeS® compared to TSV (Through Silicon Vias)
  • Superior reliability of the packaging leads to long term performance of the MEMS device due to higher mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance of glass
  • Excellent RF performance, due to low dielectric constant of glass and highly conductive via materials
  • Optical transparency of glass enables better processing and quality control during the production process of a MEMS device
  • Anodic bonding with Silicon is available

SCHOTT HermeS® enables extremely miniaturized Chip Size Packaging since the Through Glass Vias can be directly attached to the silicon MEMS.

This results in:

~ 80% foot print reduction compared to ceramic package
~ 35% volume reduction compared to ceramic package


Our hermetic through glass vias can be used for a wide variety of MEMS applications such as:
  • Industrial Hermetic MEMS Sensor:
    HermeS® enables long-term, reliable and extremely rugged packaging of industrial sensors.
  • Medical MEMS:
    With HermeS®, medical electronics can be packaged robustly to withstand body fluids and sterilization cycles over long periods of time.
  • RF MEMS:
    HermeS® provides superior RF properties through absolute hermeticity in an extremely miniaturized design.


Technical Details

SCHOTT HermeS® uses glass-to-metal sealing (GTMS) technology to provide superior hermeticity in a wafer-scale packaging solution. Please contact us for more information.
Features/ Specifications
Technical data of wafer
Wafer thickness 500 ±20 μm (min. 280 μm)
Wafer size 4", 6", 8"
Contact via pitch 250μm 200μm 150μm*
Contact via diameter 100μm 80μm 50μm*
Via density 50k* (6"), 100k* (8")
Via materials Tungsten (W) – combined with Borofloat® 33 and AF 32® eco 33
Iron Nickel (FeNi42) – combined with D 263® T eco
(others available on request)
Hermeticity [≤ 1 × 10–9 Pa · m3/s], [≤ 1 × 10–8 mbar/s], [≤ 1 × 10–8 atm cc/s]
Technical data of glass
Glass material Borofloat® 33 AF 32® eco 33 D 263® T eco
Coefficient of thermal
3.25 x 10-6/K
(match to Si)
3.2 x 10-6/K
(match to Si)
7.2 x 10-6/K
Dielectric constant @ 1MHz 4.6 5.1 6.7
Refractive index (@ 600 nm)     1.47 1.51 1.52

 *Under development
Forms of Supply and Product Packaging

Please contact us for a detailed discussion about your requirements.


For more information, please refer to our quality assurance processes .
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