Fuel Injector Housings

Product Description

Diesel injection pumps support functionality and efficiency of modern engines by injecting fuel directly into the cylinders. Delivered as a fine mist, the fuel amount is carefully calculated to enable efficient consumption.

Our glass-to-metal sealed fuel injector housings serve as a cable feedthrough to the diesel injection pump. The hermetic seal helps keep the system intact for reliable power supply and instrumentation infrastructure - even in the harsh high-temperature conditions found in the operating environment of the vehicle engine compartment.

Glass-to-metal sealed fuel injector housings are commonly utilized in new and modern diesel fuel systems to enhance system reliability.


The materials used to seal our fuel injector housing components are resistant to the harsh environmental conditions found in vehicle engine compartments. Specialty glass and high-quality metal are used to create the glass-to-metal sealed feedthroughs, which are resistant to aggressive substances / elements such as engine oil, fuel and strong vibrations. Commonly measured temperature fluctuations between -5°C to +150 °C do not adversely affect the hermetic seal, which provides continuous and steady protection for the fuel injectors.


Fuel injector housings are best suited for use in modern diesel injection systems in vehicle engines, where reliable and hermetic protection is necessary for protection against the harsh elements and aggressive substances found in engine compartments.

Technical Details


SCHOTT's specialty glass-to-metal sealing technology is used for our fuel injector housings to create a hermetic seal and support reliable functionality of diesel fuel injection systems. Please click on this page for more information.

SCHOTT fuel injector housings are manufactured using compression glass-to-metal sealing technology. Special corrosion-resistant materials are used, notably stainless steel, for our diesel fuel feedthroughs.

Features / Specifications

Our fuel injection housings are custom-made according to application-specific customer requirements. Please contact us for more information.

Forms of Supply and Product Packaging

All housing components can be packaged individually and supplied on trays.


All of our Automotive Division production facilities are TS 16949 certified. For more information, please refer to our quality assurance processes.
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