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The ROBAX®️ Dry Wiper becomes more eco-friendly

There is one simple reason consumers buy fireplaces with viewing panels: they clearly want to see the burning fire, nested in a safe environment. Common methods of cleaning fire viewing panels can be dirty and spread dirt in the close surrounding of the fireplace. The SCHOTT ROBAX® Dry Wiper is the industry’s leading solution for cleaning fire viewing panels without affecting the cleanliness of the area around the fireplace. Now, these remarkable dry erase wipers will be sold in a new, eco-friendly packaging that also offers a better view of the product.
SCHOTT is making its ROBAX® Dry Wiper for fireplaces available in new, more eco-friendly packaging. Shoppers will now get more information about the wiper and better view of the wiper itself. Even better: the packaging is now made from cardboard instead of plastic, making it even more eco-friendly.

Less cleaning time, guaranteed safety
“In the past few years, fireplace designers have unveiled amazing new designs,” said Isabel Eymael, Head of Marketing at SCHOTT ROBAX®. “That has drawn lots of interest from consumers. ROBAX® Dry Wipers let homeowners spend more time enjoying the fire, and less time cleaning.”

For 40 years SCHOTT ROBAX® has been one of the leading suppliers of glass-ceramic for fireplaces, the industry’s preferred choice for fire viewing panels with more than 100 million units sold. This special material is resistant to thermal shock and remains strong and robust under extremely high heat. SCHOTT ROBAX® is available in a range of sizes and shapes and is sold with a variety of functional coatings and patterns to increase insulation, enable remarkable designs and provide stunning visual effects.

Available at fireplace retailers & in online shops
The ROBAX® DryWiper is sold directly to fireplace manufacturers and available to consumers at fireplace retailers (please see They are compatible with any glass-ceramic fire viewing panel.

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