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Europe’s most ecofriendly stove is equipped with ROBAX® glass-ceramic fire viewing panels

Hybrid is in, even the kind without four wheels: The Aduro Hybrid stove combines ecofriendly pellets with a cozy wood fire. It received the prestigious European Business Award for the Environment in the “Sustainable Products and Services” category. The people at SCHOTT ROBAX® can be excited about that, too, as the glass-ceramic fire viewing panels support better combustion with fewer emissions and make the product design even more attractive.
It’s meant to combine the practical with the cozy – and it’s obviously a complete success: the hybrid stove from Danish company Aduro reduces the inconvenience of a wood-burning stove while satisfying consumer hopes. It lets you enjoy the flames when using firewood, and enables nighttime heating with wood pellets, recharging the material automatically. In an especially modern touch, operation can be controlled from a smartphone app. For example, the stove can be switched on or turned up while you are out and about, for a warm reception home. Literally.

All this comes with the best environmental properties. The manufacturer assures that the Aduro Hybrid significantly reduces emissions. Wood pellet combustion greatly reduces carbon monoxide, OGC (organically bound carbon) and particulate matter emissions. The stove even convinced the jurors of the renowned European Business Award for the Environment, presented every two years. It won in the “Sustainable Products and Services” category in June 2018 on national level.

Doubled efficiency through ROBAX®

The Aduro Hybrid is equipped with a curved front panel and two flat side windows made of the glass-ceramic SCHOTT ROBAX®. They not only support the stove’s modern, Nordic design, but also significantly improve combustion compared to an open fireplace. The glass-ceramic is highly temperature-resistant and can withstand extreme heat and cold shocks without changing shape, even brief temperatures of up to 760 degrees Celsius. This enables optimal combustion in closed systems with fewer emissions and doubles the efficiency of a glass heater burning wood rather than an open fireplace.

“We are continuously developing ROBAX®, aiming to improve combustion in a closed system,” says Birgit Eickeler, Product Manager for SCHOTT ROBAX®. The special “ROBAX® IR Max” coating, for instance, makes fireplaces even more efficient. Coated fire viewing panels reflect heat radiation back into the combustion chamber up to seven times more than uncoated fire viewing panels. Depending on fireplace construction and usage habits, this helps ensure a pleasant room temperature without overheating along with reducing emissions and the minimum distance to furniture. The coating’s consistent performance lasts for the entire service life of the fireplace.

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