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25.04.2018, Mainz, Germany

Spotlight on special new outdoor fireplace design

“Dome” becomes Fuora K: Spartherm adds SCHOTT ROBAX® Design Award winner proposal to its outdoor gas fireplace portfolio
Some designs tell a story: in 2017, the ROBAX® Design Award inspired young creatives to design outdoor fireplaces featuring fire viewing panels. The competition’s winning design caught the eye of fireplace maker Spartherm. So a new development had been inspired that is now igniting the spirits of outdoor fireplace fans.

Mainz / Germany, April 25, 2018 – The new outdoor fireplace Fuora K from leading brand Spartherm stands out with its shapely curves and impressive fire. Angela Wegmann’s initial idea soon became an award-winning design. The interior design student won the 2017 SCHOTT ROBAX® Design Award, which had encouraged over 80 young creatives from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to design outdoor fireplaces with ROBAX® glass-ceramic fire viewing panels. Wegmann’s “Dome Fireplace” design not only won the award – it also won over ROBAX® partner Spartherm, who bought the award-winning design at the auction on the very evening of the award ceremony at the ISH trade fair last March.

Transforming a design idea into a product
One year later, Fuora K now embodies what the award’s creators had envisioned: a modern design that sets fire viewing panels at the fore and brings an atmospheric, safe fireplace experience outside. “This is a welcome addition to our family of Fuora gas fireplaces for outdoor events with demanding conditions looking to offer the pleasant ambience of fire. Of course, it also strengthens our long-standing partnership with SCHOTT,” says Andreas Schönfeld, Sales Manager of Spartherm. The new product was officially introduced at Hagos Börse, a cooperative of German tiled stove and air heating makers, in Stuttgart on March 22-24, 2018.

The design freedom of flexible glass-ceramic
The outdoor fireplace and its special product features are now available on the market. Fuora K offers leading fire visibility with its larger size, maximizing ambient pleasure. The powder-coated substructure made of 2 mm thick sheet steel brings firelight to the ideal viewing height and holds an 11-kilogram liquid gas cylinder tank behind the door. The adjustable flame provides up to 30 hours of ambience. Wheels and a rolling aid ensure that the user-friendly device is easy and convenient to transport.

“The vision we pursued with the Design Award has now become reality,” says Isabel Eymael, Head of Marketing for SCHOTT ROBAX®. One side to this has been the confirmation that outdoor fireplace designs can be reimagined and the outdoor trend revived with fire viewing panels. In addition, flat, curved or angular bent ROBAX® glass-ceramic panels are flexible enough to provide space for a wide variety of innovative fireplace product designs. “SCHOTT offers more than mere glass-ceramics. We also inspire fireplace designs,” says Isabel Eymael.

SCHOTT and ROBAX® are registered trademarks of SCHOTT AG.

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