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20.06.2017, Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland

Elegance and ruggedness perfectly matched: SCHOTT sapphire crystal for luxury watches sets new standards for hardness and color fidelity

A handcrafted luxury item such as an exquisite Swiss watch deserves the best protection to keep discriminating consumers eternally content.
To help fulfil the goal of perfection as demanded by the art of Swiss watchmaking, which includes the crucially important cover glass, the international technology group SCHOTT has developed a unique coating for sapphire crystals which not only proves itself with its extraordinary hardness and anti-reflexive properties (AR), but also through its customized color fidelity, guaranteed no matter what the viewing angle is. Whether it is color-neutral or a residual reflective color based on a customer’s preference, LUXADUR™ offers an uncompromisingly clear view of the watch face, setting new standards in design. The innovative watch crystal makes its first public appearance when it is unveiled at the international trade exhibition for watchmaking, contemporary jewelry, microtechnology and medical engineering (EPHJ - EPMT - SMT) June 20 - 23 in Geneva, Switzerland (Booth M88).  

Color fidelity. always. from every viewpoint.
The coated sapphire crystal is providing the makers of luxury watches with entirely new options in watch design combined with additional enhanced value. Thus, with option “3D”, watchmakers have the new-found freedom to individually select the color consistency of this extremely robust and scratch-resistant AR coating LUXADUR™ according to their design needs. What makes it especially unique? No matter from what angle the valuable timepiece is viewed, the color perception remains the same. Even on 3-dimensional molded surfaces, such as watch designs with flattened glass edges, the color consistency can be optimized.

But that’s not all! The viewing angle stability of LUXADUR™ remains in intact, even after years of daily wear, when typically common, fine scuffs and scrapes have damaged the coating. These types of damage have absolutely no negative effect on the perceived color, and are also not more conspicuous than before due to reflections.

During the development of LUXADUR™, the international technology group was able to rely on its decades of experience in coating expertise to achieve the end result. Headquartered in Mainz, Germany, and with a coating competency center in the Swiss city of Yverdon-les-Bains, the specialists in glass solutions have been offering for years a scratch-resistant, durable AR coating on sapphire crystal, which is widely used throughout the luxury watch industry. SCHOTT was the first company internationally to offer a glass ceramic which had such a robust coating that it essentially made scratches and scuffing a thing of the past (SCHOTT CERAN® Miradur™).

Modularity provides watchmakers with ample versatility
In its basic configuration, LUXADUR™ is available to customers with a scratch-resistant AR coating. In addition to extreme resilience against impacts, scratches, or chipping, the product guarantees an exceptional, permanent bonding of crystal sapphire substrates and coating. The longevity of the crystal is thus ensured due to both mechanical and chemical aspects. Other features include color neutrality as well as color stability.

LUXADUR™ is available in a variety of options: In its standard form, LUXADUR™ offers extremely robust anti-reflective properties. Going from there, you can then select additional options, such as the viewing angle stability “3D” for a specific residual reflexive color can be selected. The coatings can be ultimately rounded off with easy-to-clean properties which have been specially developed in combination with LUXADUR™, guaranteeing simple cleaning steps for the watch crystal.

SCHOTT Suisse SA in Yverdon-les-Bains is the ideal partner for watch crystals with high-end coatings.welt wahr.

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