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19.01.2017, Cologne/Mainz, Germany

Diamond-hard and award-winning: SCHOTT CERAN® Miradur™ wins Iconic Award for Interior Innovation

Coated cooktop panel withstands scratches – Swiss premium manufacturer V-Zug presents first appliances featuring SCHOTT CERAN® Miradur™ at Living Kitchen
Diamond-hard and award-winning: SCHOTT CERAN® MiradurTM wins Iconic Award for Interior Innovation
Diamond-hard and award-winning: SCHOTT CERAN® MiradurTM wins Iconic Award for Interior Innovation
The new glass-ceramic cooktop panel SCHOTT CERAN® Miradur™ was only just launched but has already received an award. It ranked among the Best of the Best in the “2017 ICONIC AWARDS: Interior Innovation” competition sponsored by the German Design Council out of Frankfurt/Main. It received the coveted award, presented on January 15, 2017, in advance of Living Kitchen and imm cologne in Cologne for its extreme scratch resistance. The premium manufacturer V-Zug is the first customer to introduce a series of appliances that feature the new super-coating.

Thanks to a special coating, the surface of SCHOTT CERAN® Miradur™ is almost as hard as a diamond, making it the world’s only scratch-resistant glass-ceramic cooktop panel of this level of robustness. This will not only please chefs, kitchen owners and home appliance manufacturers – well-known experts from the design and furnishing sector will also appreciate it.

The five-member expert jury of the “2017 ICONIC AWARDS: Interior Innovation” competition, for example, have awarded top prize to the new development from the SCHOTT technology group. The cooktop panel is one of 29 products honored as “Best of the Best” in the “Kitchen and Household” category. In the judges’ opinion, the award-winning products illustrate innovative top performance. SCHOTT CERAN® MiradurTM convinced them due to its surface, which is six times harder than conventional glass-ceramic cooktop panels and thus much less sensitive to abrasion, which can occur on the surface when pots and pans are moved.
imm cologne: exhibition of award winners

“We are very pleased to have received this award. It affirms us in our efforts to always remain innovative,” said Björn Weller, Director of Marketing for SCHOTT CERAN®. The award ceremony of the “Best of the Best” winners took place on January 15, 2017, at the Cologne Art Association the evening before the imm cologne furniture trade fair opened in Cologne. A selection of the award-winning products will be on exhibition at the event.

According to the German Design Council, an independent institution on good design based in Frankfurt/Main, more international designers and manufacturers applied for the Iconic Awards this year than ever before. Besides the Best of the Best, 49 products out of more than 400 entries were selected as winners, and a total of 100 were added to the international “Selection” category.

SCHOTT CERAN® and Miradur™ are registered trademarks of SCHOTT AG.

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SCHOTT is refining its glass ceramic with a new coating: SCHOTT CERAN® MiradurTM – Foto: SCHOTT AG
SCHOTT is refining its glass ceramic with a new coating: SCHOTT CERAN® MiradurTM – Foto: SCHOTT AG
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