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04.10.2016, Landshut, Germany

Non-magnetic, lightweight microelectronic housings protect sensitive components

A complete portfolio of European-manufactured bespoke hermetic housings cater for a diverse range of customer requirements
The international technology group and specialty glass expert SCHOTT, displayed its portfolio of customized hermetic microelectronic housings (MCM) to protect sensitive electronics in a variety of different materials, at this year’s European Microwave Week in London.

Various non-magnetic housings use light metals and alloys such as titanium, aluminum and Monel which can be made to match applications in microwave housings for a variety of sectors such as radar systems and aerospace applications.

Developing and producing glass-to-metal housings at its site in Landshut, Germany, SCHOTT - world-leader in providing hermetic enclosures - has a seventy-five-year heritage rooted in European manufacturing and is an important partner for a variety of industry sectors, including aerospace, aviation and medical technology. Built on the foundation of a solid economic structure; excellence, innovation and R&D is at the heart of its business.

Vacuum-tight microelectronic housings facilitate sensitive measurement or control electronics, for radar applications or DC-DC converters for example, enabling them to continue to operate reliably at high performance even under harsh conditions. Also known as “hybrid housings” it is an example of how SCHOTT is able to provide its customers with a fully-customized product to meet their exacting quality standards.

The diversity of materials that SCHOTT uses for custom housings allows for a wide variety of products. Glass-titanium compounds are especially well suited for use in the areas of aviation, aerospace, oil and gas and medical technology - if non-magnetic yet lightweight housings are needed. Packages with SCHOTT GTAS® technology (Glass-to-Aluminum Sealing) are also used when there is a need for lightweight material. Alternatively, the nickel-copper alloy Monel, is ideally suited for chemically aggressive environments due to its acid and alkali resistance. Furthermore, SCHOTT manufactures housings of cold rolled steel, stainless steel, Kovar, copper, molybdenum and copper (tungsten).

If the expansion coefficients of the materials used are compatible, ceramics can also be combined with the materials listed above to form SCHOTT CerTMS® Ceramic-to-Metal Seals. Michael Tratzky, Head of Sales for Opto-Electronics at SCHOTT Electronic Packaging explains: “SCHOTT is the only vendor in Europe that offers the complete portfolio of hermetic packaging technologies. Besides glass-to-metal and ceramic-to-metal housings, all-ceramic multilayer housings (HTCC and LTCC) are offered – which supports the growing trend towards miniaturization and caters for enhanced complexity requirements.”

Depending on the application, customers can choose both the metal and a specific property such as non-magnetic, lightweight or high thermal conductivity, for the housing. “We have years of experience in providing advice and can offer our customers high-performance combinations of materials and the very best technology. Our knowledge of, and sustained investment in, metals, housing designs, glass manufacturing and processing and melting and soldering technologies set us apart from the competition, and allow us to take a collaborative approach with our customers. Working with them is the best possible environment to help them achieve their goals.” says Tratzky.

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SCHOTT is a leading international technology group in the areas of specialty glass and glass-ceramics. The company has more than 130 years of outstanding development, materials and technology expertise and offers a broad portfolio of high-quality products and intelligent solutions. SCHOTT is an innovative enabler for many industries, including the home appliance, pharmaceutical, electronics, optics, automotive and aviation industries. SCHOTT strives to play an important part of everyone’s life and is committed to innovation and sustainable success. The group maintains a global presence with production sites and sales offices in 35 countries. With its workforce of approximately 15,000 employees, sales of 1.93 billion euros were generated in fiscal year 2014/2015. The parent company, SCHOTT AG, has its headquarters in Mainz (Germany) and is solely owned by the Carl Zeiss Foundation. As a foundation company, SCHOTT assumes special responsibility for its employees, society and the environment.
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