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12.02.2016, San Francisco, CA, USA / Mainz, Germany

SCHOTT Experts to Lead Discussions, Demonstrate Advanced Optics Technologies at Photonics West

SCHOTT’s products and technologies on display will include laser glasses, IR materials, optical coatings, and wafers
SCHOTT, the international technology group, will exhibit its broad advanced optics and glass portfolio at SPIE Photonics West 2016 in San Francisco, from February 16 – 18, 2016 (booth #1314, South Hall). The company will showcase a number of innovations that aid laser technologies, the infrared (IR) industry, and other optical applications. SCHOTT will highlight the “eye-safe” laser glasses for medical applications, analytical measurement, and range finding; IR glasses for multispectral applications; specialized optical coatings that protect optical components exposed to harsh environments; floated BOROFLOAT® borosilicate glass for use in astronomical telescopes; and its expertise in lighting and imaging solutions for medical devices. As a special highlight the company will introduce its improved photo-sensitive glass wafer FOTURAN® II for use in RF/MEMS and biotech technologies. From product demonstrations to discussions led by experts, SCHOTT will offer attendees an inside look at the latest accomplishments and innovations in advanced optics.

SCHOTT will present the following courses, technical paper discussions, and product demonstrations during SPIE Photonics West 2016:  

Course: Optical Glass – Properties and Application-oriented Specification
Dr. Peter Hartmann, SCHOTT AG, Germany
Author of the SPIE Publication “Optical Glass”
Sunday, Feb. 14, 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Product Demonstration: SCHOTT LG-960 – new laser-glass for range finding and cosmetics
Dr. Simi George, SCHOTT North America, Inc.
Tuesday, Feb. 16, 1:30 p.m.
Demo Area 1 (Hall ABC South)

Product Demonstration: SCHOTT – optical glass news
Dr. Ralf Jedamzik, SCHOTT AG, Germany
Wednesday, Feb. 17, 10:30 a.m.
Demo Area 1 (Hall ABC South)

Product Demonstration: SCHOTT BOROFLOAT® - The world’s first floated borosilicate glass - made in Germany with IQ
Thomas Kloss, SCHOTT AG, Germany
Wednesday, Feb. 17, 11:30 a.m.
Demo Area 1 (Hall ABC South)

Technical Paper Discussion: Structurally enhanced phosphate glasses for eye-safe lasers
Dr. Simi George, SCHOTT North America, Inc.
Wednesday, Feb. 17, 9:30 a.m. – 9:50 a.m.
Room 132 (North Exhibit Level)
SCHOTT’s new pocket catalogue “Optical Glass 2016”, a must have for all optics experts, will be available at the booth.

In addition SCHOTT will collect donations at its booth for the charity Project Night Night, a San Francisco based organization that assembles nighttime comfort packages and delivers them to homeless children across the U.S. Attendees will receive a special giveaway SCHOTT shot glass for their contribution, with a suggested charitable donation of $1. Project Night Night packages are filled with small luxuries, such as new blankets, children’s books, and stuffed animals, in an effort to help children in need receive a restful and comfortable night’s sleep. With the help of thousands of volunteers and donations, more than 25,000 homeless children receive Night Night packages each year.

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BOROFLOAT® and FOTURAN® are registered trademarks of SCHOTT AG.

SCHOTT is a leading international technology group in the areas of specialty glass and glass-ceramics. The company has more than 130 years of outstanding development, materials and technology expertise and offers a broad portfolio of high-quality products and intelligent solutions. SCHOTT is an innovative enabler for many industries, including the home appliance, pharmaceutical, electronics, optics, automotive and aviation industries. SCHOTT strives to play an important part of everyone’s life and is committed to innovation and sustainable success. The group maintains a global presence with production sites and sales offices in 35 countries. With its workforce of approximately 15,000 employees, sales of 1.93 billion euros were generated in fiscal year 2014/2015. The parent company, SCHOTT AG, has its headquarters in Mainz (Germany) and is solely owned by the Carl Zeiss Foundation. As a foundation company, SCHOTT assumes special responsibility for its employees, society and the environment.
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