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29.07.2015, Mainz (Germany)

NEXTREMA® Glass-Ceramic from SCHOTT Optimizes Both Functionality and Design for Infrared Applications

High-performance material for use in saunas, outdoor heaters, industrial drying systems, and stable heating
Infrared radiant heaters that feature NEXTREMA® produce soothing, homogeneous heat on restaurant terraces.Photo: © MHS Munich Home Systems GmbH, Sauerlach:
Infrared radiant heaters that feature NEXTREMA® produce soothing, homogeneous heat on restaurant terraces. Photo: © MHS Munich Home Systems GmbH, Sauerlach:
The international technology group SCHOTT now offers NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic for high-temperature applications. This high-performance material for use in infrared applications is already featured as a component in infrared radiant heaters in the areas of health and wellness, outdoor heating, and industrial drying. Thanks to its six different transmission types, this high-tech glass-ceramic opens up new aesthetic and technical design possibilities for manufacturers.

Due to its specific material properties, NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic is well suited for use in infrared heating applications. This high-performance product is known for very high transmittance of infrared radiation in the short- and medium-wave infrared ranges. In addition, it is heat resistant up to 950 degrees Celsius and resists thermal shock up to 800 degrees Celsius. These features, in combination with its high mechanical strength, considerably reduce the risk of a material failure in the radiator during operation.

“The broad NEXTREMA® material portfolio includes six different types of glass-ceramic and a thickness range of 2 to 8 mm,” said Andy Rinaldi, Product Manager for SCHOTT NEXTREMA®. “Due to the broad range of sheet sizes and colors, SCHOTT can work with customers throughout the product development process to create tailored solutions that meet their specific application requirements.”

In the health and wellness sector, the NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic is used as a cover for infrared radiant heaters in saunas. While conventional radiant heaters often emit a harsh bright light, covers made from translucent or tinted NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic transform the glare of the heater into a pleasant glow. This can be achieved with virtually no heat loss compared to heaters that do not contain NEXTREMA®.

SCHOTT’s glass-ceramic also offers benefits when used in heater applications that heat terraces, winter gardens, and other private and public outdoor spaces. Heater covers made from NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic can reduce the glare caused by infrared radiators. At the same time, this solution allows for more homogeneous heat distribution and exceptional performance. Manufacturers also have additional design options: They can use opaque NEXTREMA® sheets to create dark radiators that reduce heating time compared to conventional models without glass-ceramic.

Infrared radiant heaters are also used in industrial applications for a variety of industrial heating processes.
NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic sheets complement the heaters by serving as a protective covering. They can also be used in coating systems and drying processes for paper, plastics, and dyes. Translucent white and transparent NEXTREMA® in thicknesses of 2 and 3 mm, in particular, promote maximum heat performance, ensure more homogeneous heat radiation, and provide optimal protection of the heating elements against dust, gases, and mechanical damages.

Farmers who heat their stables with infrared technology also benefit from the energy efficiency of NEXTREMA® systems. Even heat distribution can improve the well-being of animals and better foster their development. Heaters covered with SCHOTT’s glass-ceramic are also easier to maintain and can be easily cleaned due to the material’s flat, resistant surface. Plus, by installing a heater covered with NEXTREMA®, farmers can better prevent fires because flammable material can no longer enter the heaters and contact open flames.

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NEXTREMA® is a registered trademark of SCHOTT AG.

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