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19.12.2014, Duryea

SCHOTT Laser Glass One of the Top 20 Innovations

Experts at SCHOTT US site in Duryea, PA, develop materials for future lasers
SCHOTT experts develop laser glasses for tomorrow’s super lasers at the US site in Duryea. Photo: SCHOTT.
SCHOTT experts develop laser glasses for tomorrow’s super lasers at the US site in Duryea. Photo: SCHOTT.
The RD team at SCHOTT in Duryea (USA) was recognized for its activities in the area of materials for exawatt lasers in the renowned trade magazine Laser Focus World’s list of the “Top 20” technologies in 2014. The SCHOTT experts are developing neodymium-doped as well as other doped laser glasses for use as gain media in super lasers – so-called exawatt lasers with 1018 watts of power – in the future. “Glass offers the perfect prerequisites for use as an active laser medium for amplifying the power of a laser to meet current demands: shorter laser pulses thanks to the higher bandwidth in the gain medium,” explains Dr. William James, Material Developer at SCHOTT RD in North America.

SCHOTT ranks among the world’s leading suppliers of laser glass for use in industry and at universities and public institutions. In addition to its manufacturing activities in Mainz, SCHOTT Advanced Optics also produces a large share of its laser glasses in Duryea, where the Research and Development Center for these products is based.
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