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01.11.2013, Mainz/Amsterdam

UV disinfection of drinking water directly at the point of use thanks to SCHOTT

New CONTURAX® UV glass reactor is extremely small, yet so efficient that it can even be used with weaker UV sources
CONTURAX® UV enables disinfection of drinking water directly at the point of use
CONTURAX® UV enables disinfection of drinking water directly at the point of use
Mainz/Amsterdam, November 1, 2013 – The technology group SCHOTT has developed a unique new glass reactor for disinfecting water. Thanks to its small size, it can be installed directly at the point of delivery, for instance in fittings, water dispensers or medical devices. The latest innovation called CONTURAX® UV features cavities designed to accommodate UV lamps. A special reflective coating traps the light inside the glass body so that even weaker UV sources like cold cathode lamps or LEDs can be used for the first time ever to destroy germs. SCHOTT will be presenting CONTURAX® UV at the Aquatech 2013 trade exhibition in Amsterdam (November 5 – 8, 2013, Booth 07.323B). The company is already working with UV module suppliers to develop CONTURAX® UV into a complete system.

While the quality of drinking water is quite high in many countries, there is still a general danger of secondary infection from harmful bacteria from contaminated pipelines, valves or fittings. Germs are often found in regions of low water current and abandoned pipes. With CONTURAX® UV, however, SCHOTT now offers a way of ensuring the water quality directly at the point of use because the innovative design of the CONTURAX® UV glass reactor combines a highly compact design with the highest possible efficiency. And thanks to the durable glass and reflective coating, the product requires hardly any maintenance at all.

Only 28 millimeters in diameter, the CONTURAX® UV glass reactor can be used to build extremely small UV modules that effectively leverage properties of modern UV light sources like longevity and frequent switching cycles. This means UV disinfection can be performed in areas where it was completely impossible before, including dishwashers and washing machines, but also fittings in bathrooms and kitchens. Other potential areas of application include medical treatment devices and dental chairs.

SCHOTT is an international technology group with more than 125 years of experience in the areas of specialty glasses and materials and advanced technologies. SCHOTT ranks number one in the world with many of its products. Its core markets are the household appliance, solar power, pharmaceuticals, electronics, optics, transportation and architecture industries. The company is strongly committed to contributing to its customers’ success and making SCHOTT an important part of people’s lives with high-quality products and intelligent solutions. SCHOTT is committed to managing its business in a sustainable manner and supporting its employees, society and the environment. The SCHOTT Group maintains close proximity to its customers with manufacturing and sales units in 35 countries. Its workforce of around 16,000 employees generated worldwide sales of approximately 2 billion euros for the 2011/2012 fiscal year. SCHOTT AG, with its headquarters in Mainz (Germany) is owned by the Carl Zeiss Foundation.  
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