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Quality Espresso integrates SCHOTT® SeeClear
technology to bring revolutionary “touch” handling and
3D-effect to espresso equipment

Quality Espresso integrates SCHOTT® SeeClear technology to bring revolutionary “touch” handling and 3D-effect to espresso equipment
Quality Espresso integrates SCHOTT® SeeClear technology to bring revolutionary “touch” handling and 3D-effect to espresso equipment
Milan, 21st October 2013.- Quality Espresso, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional espresso equipment, has presented a new revolutionary design for coffee machines that includes SCHOTT® SeeClear technology for mirror glass with 3D-effects – a new solution developed by international technology group SCHOTT. No doubt it is “a step forward in the sector, responding to the demand for equipment with operating and display elements that are clearly visible and which has been possible thanks to the cooperation between Quality Espresso and SCHOTT in this project”, states Julian Melbourne, Export Director of Quality Espresso.

SCHOTT® SeeClear is “an innovative technology for a new generation of mirror coated glass panels which provides Quality Espresso coffee machines with a distinctive look through a new glass, allowing symbols and letters to appear with a bright 3D-effect”, explains Samantha Nardi, Business Development Manager of SCHOTT Italvetro. This high-quality safety glass offers a long product life through resistance to high temperature and shocks and is very easy to clean. Furthermore, the operating and display elements become more visible and more user-friendly. “We are convinced that this use of SCHOTT® SeeClear technology marks a turning point in the professional coffee equipment sector”, agree Melbourne and Carla Mostacero, Marketing Director of SCHOTT Ibérica.

The new technology has been applied first to the Visacrem V6 model which combines 3D operating symbols and backlit branding in a smooth, tempered glass control panel. The machine includes a 3.5 inch colour TFT screen for programming purposes and a USB outlet for data interchange. The R&D Department of Quality Espresso has also incorporated capacitive pushbuttons into the machine, enabling easy cleaning and a long working life. The models with the new look and functions will be available in 2014.

The backlit branding and TFT screen bring more advantages in the opinion of Quality Espresso: “our customers, whether coffee roasters, chains or foodservice suppliers, will obtain a marketing return from the equipment they finance and will be able to clearly display their brand on this coffee machine”, says Melbourne.

About Quality Espresso

Quality Espresso, owner of the brands Futurmat, Italcrem, Mairali and Visacrem, is the largest manufacturer of professional espresso equipment in Spain, and a top five company in its industry worldwide. With a heritage going back to 1952, the company employs 120 people, and exports to 90 countries from its 17.000 square metre facility in Barcelona.

SCHOTT - headquartered in Mainz Germany - is an international technology group with more than 125 years of experience in the areas of specialty glasses and materials and advanced technologies. SCHOTT ranks number one in the world with many of its products. Its core markets are the household appliance, pharmaceuticals, electronics, optics, solar power, transportation and architecture industries. The company is strongly committed to contributing to its customers’ success and making SCHOTT an important part of people’s lives with high-quality products and intelligent solutions.

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