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01.07.2013, Mainz (Germany)

SCHOTT NEXTREMA™ cutting-edge glass-ceramic getting great response from the semiconductor and display industries

Remains strong even under high temperatures and shows high chemical resistance
SCHOTT NEXTREMA™ is available in four types, each with different product properties and benefits. Photo: SCHOTT
SCHOTT NEXTREMA™ is available in four types, each with different product properties and benefits. Photo: SCHOTT
Mainz (Germany), July 1, 2013 – The international technology group SCHOTT, an expert in the fields of specialty glass and glass-ceramics, is constantly expanding its NEXTREMA™ high-performance glass-ceramics business. Thanks to its exceptional properties, this high-tech material opens up new fields of application in which traditional materials such as plastics, conventional glass or metal reach their limits.

Since the launch of NEXTREMA™ last fall, SCHOTT’s international product team has been successfully introducing these high-performance glass ceramics to potential partners. “We have received a lot of positive feedback and customers have already placed initial orders. We expect to generate more business in the weeks and months to come. At the moment, we are focusing on the semiconductor and display industries where we are developing promising applications together with interested customers,” says Michael Glaninger, Product Manager in charge of the product at SCHOTT.

The high operating temperature of the glass- ceramic NEXTREMA™ of up to 950° C (1,742° F) in particular makes it an ideal material to use for inner linings and heat shields in the high temperature industrial ovens used in semiconductor and display manufacturing technologies. “Our material can be used for all fast thermal and high temperature curing processes. This includes thermal annealing systems and curing furnace systems,” Glaninger explains. High-performance glass-ceramics, for instance, are well-suited for use in industrial ovens for flat panel display (FPD) production, as well as all thermal production processes involving thin-film transistors (TFT).

It can also be used in heat chamber applications based on LTPS technology for manufacturing AMOLEDs. In addition, features such as minimal thermal expansion, process inertness and a wide transmission spectrum make NEXTREMA™ the perfect material to use for carrier plates in the production of displays, chips and wafers. The standard NEXTREMA™ product portfolio includes thicknesses of between 2-8 mm. This means production using carrier plates that are made of thinner sheets of NEXTREMA™ requires shorter processing cycles – an important cost advantage for manufacturers.

NEXTREMA™ features:

- Operating temperature of up to 950° C (1,742° F)
- Minimal thermal expansion
- Thermal shock resistance
- Wide transmission spectrum
- Surface resistance and gas impermeability
- Process inertness, e.g. in coating processes
- Robustness even at high temperatures

SCHOTT provides its partners with expertise and technical support to ensure that this material is put to use as effectively as possible in their processes.

More information on NEXTREMA™ is available in this video:

NEXTREMA™ is a trademark of SCHOTT AG.

Photo ID 186580: SCHOTT NEXTREMA™ is available in four types, each with different product properties and benefits. Photo: SCHOTT

Photo ID 185819: SCHOTT NEXTREMA™ is available in different sizes and thicknesses. Photo: SCHOTT

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