Training & Development

One of the main roles of Human Resources is to attract managers and specialists to further develop their talents, and to commit them to SCHOTT on a long-term basis. From top management to shift supervisors, specialized leadership trainings are offered to all levels of leadership.
Beside the management career path SCHOTT offers two alternativ development opportunities.

The Management career follows three steps:
- Early Career Talent for first leadership experience
- Senior Management Talent  to take over a
  middle management role
- Executive Management Talent for a
  top management position

An Expert career is an innovation driver especially when it comes to our core competencies. For that our focus is on an excellent network within research and development also outside the company.

Within the Project management career our employees can develop through sub-project over middle sized project up to major projects. A systematic, certified training program accompany that process.
Discover reports from SCHOTT´s employees about their experiences in Professional Trainings and Talent Development programs.