Sarah Sangermann
Sarah Sangermann
Home University:

RWTH Aachen

Field of Study:
Mechanical Engineering

Internship Area:
Sales & Marketing Department, USA (Southbridge, MA)

Why did you choose to work for SCHOTT?

From my experience, SCHOTT is not a really known company – neither in Germany nor throughout the world – because they don’t manufacture end user products. Still, for what they are doing, they are one of the world leading companies, reaching high-tech and extra ordinary quality standards.
I always wanted to work for an international company which also manufactures and develops high-technology products. At SCHOTT I find both!

How would you describe the working atmosphere at SCHOTT?

The working atmosphere at SCHOTT is really amazing! Everybody is friendly and helpful when ever there are questions or problems. I have already worked in different companies and institutes, but have never felt that welcome. I haven’t found out yet if this is a “SCHOTT-thing” or maybe more an “American-thing”, but people here laugh a lot and seem to have fun while working. All people here work really hard, stay overtime if necessary and fulfill all their tasks on time, but still they find time to laugh and talk together. This makes working a lot easier and more enjoyable!

Which were the challenges of your internship outside Germany?

The biggest challenge was probably to get the visa and to be allowed to enter the USA. I had to complete several documents, interviews and appointments at the American embassy. But SCHOTT was a great help in this and so I could finally make it to the US ;-)
For me personally, it was not so difficult to adapt to the American lifestyle and culture. Sure, there are many things that make living and working in the States different from Germany or Europe in general. But the experience was very important for me and I have definitely learned a lot by working abroad.

What expectations did you have? Were they fulfilled during your internship?

Before coming here I wanted to become more fluent in the English language and work and live in a totally new environment and culture. Both these expectations were completely fulfilled and even more. The experience of working in the United States was and will always be very valuable for my personal and working related future.
Neus Ferre
Neus Ferre

How did SCHOTT capture your interest? And why did you choose SCHOTT?

SCHOTT reached my attention because it presents itself as a German company, with almost 125 years of experience in many different high-technology fields. Moreover SCHOTT is present in 41 countries all over the world. Therefore SCHOTT offers a very attractive mixture of technologies, products and cultures, all based in a deep know-how and strong interaction between intercultural teams.

What were the tasks during your internship at SCHOTT?

I was doing a Trainee Program in the SCHOTT Solar Business Unit. It is a challenging program which allowed me to join different projects in different departments. My start point was Strategy and Business Development and since then I had been in 5 different positions both in Germany and as well abroad.

What were the interesting aspects of your Job?

On the one side, one of the most interesting aspects of my job was the close cooperation with teams belonging to different areas such as sales in different countries, marketing, customer service, strategy and R&D. On the other one, that gave a wide overview of the business and a deeper knowledge of the product. The international component complemented a great formation in the business itself and contributes to develop our own soft skills. This was a unique opportunity that I was enjoying the most.

What are your reasons for staying with SCHOTT?

The challenge of everyday. There is no day that equals the day before. I admire as well the mixture of people who is in the company since 25 years with the youngest engineers. SCHOTT has the experience within its veteran workers. And SCHOTT moves forward with the teamwork of innovative ideas that makes better products for the world.