Privacy Policy for the Application Process

Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in SCHOTT We take the protection of your personal information very seriously and want you to feel secured while browsing our website. Below we want to inform you about how we use and record the information you provide us while applying.

1. Processing and transfer of personal data

SCHOTT exclusively processes the personal data provided by you in our online application system for application processing and job filling purposes. SCHOTT confidentially saves and processes your data in accordance with applicable data protection regulations.
Vacancies are filled at SCHOTT in cooperation between human resources, works council (where applicable) and the department looking for personnel. The responsible staff members from thoses departments may belong to different legal entities of the SCHOTT Corporation. Therefore, it might be the case that your data will be exchanged between those companies.
SCHOTT takes security precautions in order save your data from manipulation, loss, destruction, unauthorized disclosure, and against access by unauthorized persons. Our security standards are always updated according to the state of the art technology.

1.1 Registration with the application system

In order to submit an application, you register with the application system and create an account. For this, you need your name and your email address. Through this account, are able to track your submitted applications and for which positions at SCHOTT you applied. You can cancel this account and thereby delete all data stored at any time.

1.2 Applying to a posted position

In order to apply for a specific job posting, you will provide us with your personal data. Only SCHOTT employees, who are responsible for filling this vacancy have access and will process your data. Thus, only the employees of human resources, the works council (where applicable) and the department looking for personnel, will have access to your documents. If employees from human resources would like to consider your application for another vacancy, they always ask for your approval to forward it to the other relevant departments.

1.3 Unsolicited application

In contrast to applying for a posted position (see section 3.2), your personal data will be matched against different job openings, if you apply through the unsolicited application process. Therefore, employees of the human resource department as well as employees of different other departments with current job openings may process your personal data.

1.4 Selection for a recruitment pool

In the case that your qualifications does not match any of the job postings after completing the recruitment process, we may invite you via email to our recruitment pool. Only when you accept the invitation, your personal data and documents will be saved in our system and matched against new job postings.

1.5 Informed consent

By registering with the application system or submitting your application, you consent with the above-mentioned application procedures and the corresponding processing of your personal data.

1.6 Retrieval and deletion of your personal data

You have the right to change and verify your personal data in our online application system. Moreover, you can revoke your consent for the processing of your personal data at any time. If you received a rejection letter, withdraw your application or cancel your membership in our application pool and delete your account, your data will be automatically deleted from your system.

2. Use of cookies

Cookies are small text files transmitted from the Internet to your computer together with the presently accessed data. These data will be stored on your computer and held ready for future access.

We use cookies in some areas. On linked pages, cookies may also be used without any possibility on our part to advise you about this.

2.1 Session cookies

In the course of registration, so-called session cookies are required, since such data is needed for the user's convenience during authentication and for controlling the access to various areas of our portal.

2.2 Statistics tracking

These cookies allow us to analyze the use of the website in an anonymous form and according data privacy laws. We evaluate the data as trends and in the form of statistics to optimize the experience of the visitors on our Internet presence.

2.3 Permanent cookies

These cookies are stored on your device for a certain period, however, not longer than 10 years. They are generally not automatically deleted when you close your browser. We use permanent cookies in instances where we need to remember your preferences in between browser sessions so that they are retrievable the next time you access our websites.

2.4 Remarketing

SCHOTT uses the Remarketing function of Google Inc. (“Google”) on this website.

By means of this function, SCHOTT is able to address you as a visitor of the website through placement of personalized, interest-oriented advertisements for offers of SCHOTT when you visit other websites in the Google Display Network. In order to allow for the necessary analysis of website use, so-called cookies are used (see above). Via these cookies your website visits as well as anonymized data of your website use is tracked and sent to Google. There is no electronic storing of your personal data-taking place whatsoever. If you visit another website in the Google Display Network, you will see advertisements that most likely concern product and information areas that you have accessed before.

You can deactivate the use of these cookies permanently by clicking on the following link and downloading as well as installing the provided plug-in: Alternatively, you can deactivate the use of cookies from third parties by visiting the deactivation website of the Network Advertising Initiative and follow the instructions for the Opt-Out.

3. Security

In order to protect you against the loss and misuse of your personal, we are taking all the necessary technical and organizational security measures. Accordingly, your data will be stored in secured organizational settings that are not open to the public access.

Your personal data will be encrypted when transferred through the so-called Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This means that the communication between your computer and our servers is protected by a recognized application of an encryption method, if your browser supports SSL.

If you want to contact us via email outside the application management system, please be aware that the confidentiality of any information sent cannot be guaranteed. The contents of emails can be viewed by third parties

4. Information and access to personal data

If you want to know which of your personal data we process, you may contact us in writing and receive such information if you also supply us with a proof of your identity. When applying to a concrete job posting, please refer to the contact persons in the job posting. If you applied through the unsolicited application process, please contact one of the following locations that your application is addressed to.

Hüttenstraße 1
31073 Grünenplan
Otto-Schott-Straße 13
07745 Jena
Christoph-Dorner-Straße 29
84028 Landshut
Hattenbergstraße 10
55122 Mainz
Erich-Schott-Straße 14
95666 Mitterteich
Industriestraße 3

5. Contact us

If you have any further inquires about data privacy at SCHOTT please do not hesitate to contact our data privacy officer:

Dr. Roland Leroux
Hattenbergstraße. 10
55122 Mainz