Felix Hasenbeck
Felix Hasenbeck

RWTH Aachen

Field of Study:

Production & Logistics

USA (Southbridge, MA) and Mexico (Córdoba)

What did motivate you to apply at SCHOTT AG?

I decided to to an internship with SCHOTT for two reasons: On the one hand to complete the UNITECH International Program in which I participated since 2007 and of which SCHOTT is a corporate partner. On the other hand to experience working for an international company with expertise in high tech products.

How did the application process work?

After sending a motivation letter and my CV to the human resources department of SCHOTT, I received a response a few days later with the offer apply for an internship in the field of "Production and Logistics" with SCHOTT North America, Inc. A telephone interview with the responsible project manager and the head of human resources was organized and held in a relaxed atmosphere. I received the confirmation for the internship at the same day. During the following application process for a visa for the US and the organization of my stay there SCHOTT supported me greatly. Everything worked out fine and after receiving my master's degree in physics I could set off to the USA!

What were your tasks during your internship?

The first two months basically consisted of training regarding the production process of leached fiber bundles which were meant to be duplicated in Mexico. Additionally, I had the chance to learn about lean production principles and discuss the ramp-up at SCHOTT's facility in Córdoba with the project team. Starting in Mexico, I was involved in the setting up of the production floor which included for example checking the availability of consumables, ordering missing items, designing the work places and coordinating the construction workers. Every step was reported to my supervisor in the US and emerging issues were discussed. After this first phase of the ramp-up had been completed and production had been started, I could then focus on implementing ideas from the lean production philosophy and on monitoring the performance of the manufacturing process.

How was the working atmosphere at SCHOTT?

The atmosphere at both SCHOTT facilities was really excellent! My supervisor always helped me with emerging problems and questions and was open to my suggestions and ideas. From the very first moment I felt like a full member of the project team and could work on my own responsibility. Beside the constant help and support I got from the direct team members, it was also possible for me to get in contact with specialists from other SCHOTT facilities around the world and discuss issues and ideas with them. The hearty welcome from my Mexican colleagues in Córdoba made it a lot easier for me to adapt to the new environment. I also enjoyed it very much that beside the work I was given the chance to do a lot of sightseeing in both the USA and Mexico and experience living there to the fullest.

Did you meet the expectations you had before starting your internship?

The six months I spent with SCHOTT have been very special to me. It was a really outstanding experience to be part of the team coordinating the ramp-up of a demanding manufacturing line. Being able to work in two different countries, including two different languages, has been extremely interesting not only from a technical point of view, but also regarding the working philosophies and cultures. It has been very satisfying to see how team work between various nationalities is possible and how initial difficulties can be overcome, leading to great results."
Maria Carrillo
Maria Carrillo

Universidad Francisco Marroquin

Field of Study:
Business Administration

Finance & Controlling


What did motivate you to apply at SCHOTT? How did you get to know about SCHOTT?

After finishing my MBA in Spain, I was required to do an internship in order to receive my degree, so I decided to take the opportunity to explore other countries. Since SCHOTT is a truly global company, I considered that working at SCHOTT and being part of the team in Singapore would be a great way of increasing my international business perspective.

How did the application process work?

The whole process, from the moment I applied for the internship position to the moment I was actually in Singapore, took about one month, which really surprised me, especially considering I am from Guatemala, at the opposite side of the world from Singapore. SCHOTT helped me to settle accommodation near the office and supported me through the permit application process of at the MOM (Ministry of Manpower) and  with other issues such as opening a bank account, etc. I always found the support I needed.

What did you learn during your internship?

During my internship I had the chance to take full responsibility right from the start. I was actively involved in monitoring Asia-Pacific regional performance and strategic planning. I also learned to solve problems flexibly, quickly and accurately.
I gathered valuable international experience, interacting with people from Germany, Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, Singapore (of course), and many other nationalities I would have never imagined.

Did you meet the expectations that you had before starting your internship?

This internship exceeded all my expectations. I have no regrets and I totally recommend people to take the chance to do an internship at SCHOTT. It is the perfect opportunity to put into practice your academic knowledge and expand your global network by interacting on a daily basis with people from all around the world and take full responsibility right from the beginning.
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