Neus Ferre's experiences at SCHOTT

Neus Ferre
How did SCHOTT capture your interest? And why did you choose SCHOTT?
SCHOTT reached my attention because it presents itself as a German company, with almost 125 years of experience in many different high-technology fields. Moreover SCHOTT is present 41 countries all over the world. Therefore SCHOTT offers a very attractive mixture of technologies, products and cultures, all based in a deep know-how and strong interaction between intercultural teams.

How did your internship influence the planning of your further career?
It had actually a very high influence, which was at beginning not planned. I did my Internship within the Advanced Materials / Optics unit. This led me the opportunity to get in contact with other business units and build up a network. I experienced how business are done within SCHOTT and specially how is working in an international team. During this time I decided to further develop my future professional career in SCHOTT and I joined the SCHOTT Solar Business Unit.

What is your current job?
Currently I am doing a Trainee Program in the SCHOTT Solar Business Unit. It is a challenging program which allows me to join different projects in different departments. My start point was Strategy and Business Development and since then I have been in 5 different positions both in Germany and as well abroad. Until next June 2009 I will keep on changing positions. It is incredible the wide picture that I have got in this time and the wonderful network that one can build up.

What are the interesting aspects of your Job?
On the one side, one of the most interesting aspects of my current job is the close cooperation with teams belonging to different areas such as sales in different countries, marketing, customer service, strategy and R&D. On the other one, that gives a wide overview of the business and a deeper knowledge of the product. The international component complements a great formation in the business itself and contributes to develop our own soft skills. This is a unique opportunity that I am enjoying the most.

How do you see your next role and future career opportunities at SCHOTT?
My next role will come after the Trainee Program. This will happen in June 2009 when a formal position will be offered to me. The good thing is that after 15 months both SCHOTT Solar and I know where our cooperation can be the most fruitful. I am really looking forward to put in practise all the knowledge and experiences collected during my Trainee Program.

What are your reasons for staying with SCHOTT?
The challenge of everyday. There is no day that equals the day before. I admire as well the mixture of people who is in the company since 25 years with the youngest engineers. SCHOTT has the experience within its veteran workers. And SCHOTT moves forward with the teamwork of innovative ideas that makes better products for the world.

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