Vocational training opportunities at SCHOTT Mainz, Germany

SCHOTT offers apprentice-/traineeships for more than 10 different professions in the fields of administration, science and technology.

The dual system of apprenticeships, is unique to Germany. It consists of practical training in the company theoretical education at a state vocational school. Where the theoretical features of the individual professions are taught by specialists. The company however remains responsible for the whole apprenticeship, as the apprentice has a contract with the company.

As one of the region’s most famous vocational trainers, SCHOTT offers additional training during the apprenticeship such as computer- and languageclasses as well as theoretical training and specific seminars.

Apprentices also have the opportunity to work together in teams as part of the "JUNIOR-FIRMA" scheme. It means that apprentices set up their own "business", develop their own products and distribute them. This improves the understanding of company structures, processes and the cooperation between different job groups, applying projectmanagement.

Please note that you need to have finished school and that you should at least be 16 years old.

If you require any further information about the apprenticeship program at SCHOTT, please contact

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