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Corporate responsibility and the importance of family have long been prominent features of our corporate culture here at SCHOTT. These commitments date back to our founder, Otto Schott, and his partner Ernst Abbe and are embodied by the statute of the Carl Zeiss Foundation, which was adopted in 1889 and still applies to all of our activities. This “company constitution” mandates our obligations to promote economic and research activities, and contains provisions relating to the public interest and public institutions.
The SCHOTT core areas of corporate responsibility: employees and family, the environment, science, and the society.


SCHOTT strongly adheres to the belief of corporate responsibility. Our efforts in this area focus on regional projects, as well as projects involving children and teenagers.


Our commitment to environmental stewardship is unwavering and robust. Our efforts in this area focus on environmental management and manufacturing environmentally friendly products.

Employees and Family

Employees and Family
No company can hope to achieve success without highly motivated employees. We work hard to ensure that our employees can successfully juggle the demands of work and family.


We know that education and training are the keys to a better future, and we provide dedicated support for today’s and tomorrow’s best and brightest. Our efforts in this area focus on support for secondary schools, colleges, and research.
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Trade Fairs & Events
Trade fair Pro Ost, St. Gallen, Switzerland, 17.08
Trade fair VDI Recruiting Tag, Darmstadt, Germany, 21.09
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