Modifications 2006

Corporate Agreement SCHOTT Group

On August 26, 1996, the Corporate Management Committee and the Works Council of the SCHOTT Group founded the so-called EuroForum. The founding agreement shall now be adjusted so as to accommodate the changes having occurred in the structure of the SCHOTT Group and in the number of employees.
Therefore, the parties agree upon the following:

1. Objective
The objective of the EuroForum is to share information and hear and discuss important presentations for an economic policy to promote the growth and competitiveness of the SCHOTT Group. The EuroForum serves to promote the exchange of information and opinions on a pan-European scale on the basis of a trustful cooperation between employees and employers of the companies of the SCHOTT Group.

(see document "anlage2_eng.pdf")

Rules of Procedure of the EuroForum of the SCHOTT Group

  1. Agreement between employee representations and SCHOTT AG
    The following points regulate the organization and responsibilities of the employee representation within the framework of the agreement concluded with the SCHOTT AG. They are adopted as rules of procedure by a majority of the employee representatives of the EuroForum at the meeting in 2008, and remain in effect until a new resolution is adopted.
(see document "anlage_4_geschaeftsordnung_070529_eng.pdf")